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Do you have content related to our Finance?

We are more than happy to publish it on our website. Let us know below details and we will review your content & will connect with you soon to give you further details with respect to publishing it.

We accept guest articles based on a few criteria:

1. Paid Promotional Articles: We impose an advertising fee to publish a promotional guest article from you. The fee will be defined depending on the type of the business promoted through the article, quality of the article, the significance of your business etc. The article can be of promotional in nature and may refer your business name or business website.

2. Article Exchange for Mutual Promotions: If you can publish one of our articles on your websites that mentions our business, we can have your guest article published on our website. The website in which you publish our article should be a fairly fitted, trustworthy website.

3. Articles without Commercial Goals: We will be happy to publish your well-written article without any business reference. We may allow/remove/add links to the article according to the value. Such articles may be about a business or service and can be promotional but there is no guarantee that we will hold the links in the article.

General terms for all types of guest articles

1. The article should be minimum 700 words. Longer articles have better chances of getting approved by us.

2. The article should be manually written with proper research and knowledge. We do not want any auto-generated, translated or twisted content.

3. We do not allow linking to any low-quality websites, spammy websites, adult websites, online gaming websites.

4. We reserve the rights to keep, remove or modify all articles/links, depending on our discretion.

We reserve the right to edit your guest article

We may edit and tune your article. Usually, the edits will help improve the heading tags, formatting the text, resizing the image etc. We may add links to other suitable sources of information to make your article more valuable to the readers.

We reserve the right to delete your article at a later point if we discover that the article is in violation of our policies or turns out that the article adds no value to our website.

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