Career break with pay- secrets no one tells

career break

If you are thinking to take a career break? Do not delay, Quit your job NOW! I have taken a career break only to regret why I haven’t done it before? I know you are hell afraid of only one thing and that is no monthly paycheck. Who will pay your monthly EMI’s and daily …

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Get 70% Discount on Home Food delivery

home food delivery

Exploring different cuisines has spiked the demand for food delivery apps. Thanks to online home food delivery, butter chicken is easily accessible in south India and idli dosa in north India. People staying away from home may please their tastebuds with homemade food by ordering online. The thirst to try something new is responsible for the increase in home food delivery apps. If you think enjoying these food delicacies can burn a hole in your pocket, then do read till the end to figure out how you could save up to 70% while getting food delivered at your doorstep. Let us take you through the best ways of getting up to 70% off on home food delivery

home food delivery

Home Food Delivery Apps

The increased demand for online food delivery, especially post-pandemic has fuelled the growth of home food delivery apps and new ways of delivering a variety of food to your doorstep. Most of these apps have become very popular.


Magicpin is an app that pays you for uploading your bills. You may upload any kind of bill be it grocery, electricity, petrol, or shopping bills. Download this app from the Google Play store and start uploading bills. Every time you upload a bill, they give you a percent of the bill amount as points that get added to your account wallet. Now comes the best part, each point is equal to one rupee. These apps have the option to order food online. There are two ways to work it out

  • Avail upto 70% off on home food delivery

Selecting free home delivery merchants will help you achieve 70% off, thus your points earned get redeemed and you are not even charged for the home delivery- the cherry on the cake.

  1. Go to the Save option mentioned at bottom of your mobile app.
  2. Select the option of free home delivery on selected merchants.
  3. Choose from the list of food merchants depending upon the discount offered, there you will find many giving 70% off when you pay through Magicpin Points, with no food delivery charges
  4. Once you have selected and added the food items in the cart, while checking out, you will notice that your points are being redeemed, giving you upto 70% off.

Keep uploading the bills to get points. When you sign up for this app, they do add 200 points to your account as an introductory reward. So what are you waiting for, start indulging in-home food delivery quest?

  • Avail upto 50% off on home food delivery
    • The above method has restricted options, but if you choose to get more options to choose without any filters for the food delivery section on the same page. The only difference is that the free home delivery option is not applicable, though you can still redeem your Magicpin points.
    • Apart from home food delivery, you also have other options to get groceries delivered at home or pharmaceutical products delivered at home.


The offers and discounts provided by Zomato clubbed with the e-wallet offers will tempt everyone to order food online instead of making it at home. It’s a boon for the working couples, with no helpers. When you log in for the first time, you get 50% off on selected food merchants. They do run a lot of offers on their anniversary, festivals, and special occasions which are worth taking a look at. The food reviews and ratings provide a clear indication of which restaurants are worth a try. They offer food subscription offers which if availed can help you to get additional discounts on dining outs and home food delivery options.

Zomato has recently launched its IPO, and in spite of being a loss-making firm, the IPO was oversubscribed with 65% of listing gains. Here people believed in the business model and it’s clear that with increased urbanization the demand for home food delivery apps is here to stay.


Swiggy is another well know household name which offers home food delivery options to its customers. Like Zomato, Swiggy also provides 60% off to its first-time user and also provides a lot of attractive offers and discounts during festive seasons, anniversaries, and special occasions. Even it has launched its subscription, which if availed can get you attractive discounts on home food delivery options.

Coupon or Promo codes

There are a lot of websites that offer huge discounts on food delivery apps or takeaways. Let us walk through some of them that give up to 70% off.


This is an app that provides really good coupons and discount offers on various food delivery apps. This is a one-stop solution to get good discounts.

Happy Checkout

This is another app that gives plenty of coupons and discount offers on various food apps, you may also check the latest offer available on top listed restaurants or home food delivery apps.

Coupons India.Com

The same concept to offer coupons and discount offers on various food apps or restaurants to get home food delivery.

Online Payment Offers for home food delivery

E-Wallets and online payment modes have become user-friendly, and cashback or discounts offered by them have retained the users. Payment through UPI, Net Banking, E-wallets like Amazon pay, Mobiwik, Paytm, Credit, or Debit Card has made our lives easy. Cashless transactions clubbed with offers of home food delivery apps help users to get food delivered at their doorstep at the lowest cost. Offers may include up to 60% off on bulk orders or cashback on minimum order value. Go for the cashless transactions and avail these offers.

Restaurants’ websites or App Offers

Restaurants are charged a service fee for getting listed on home food delivery apps. To avoid these expenses, the restaurant might provide attractive discounts or offers on its own website. It’s a win-win for all, as the restaurant does not need to pay listing charges, thus it is able to transfer part of that discount to its users who directly purchase from its website. For the users, the discount offers range from 50% to 70% off, most times the first home delivery is free. Dominos, Pizza hut, KFC, and McDonald’s are among them.

Apart from home food delivery apps, there are other apps that are offering home delivery of perishable items like fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and groceries at discounts with great offers. BB Daily, Big basket, Goffers, Fresh to Home, and Jio Mart are some to name. Even Big shopping apps like Amazon and Flipkart have also entered this field by delivering everything concept.

Reasons for the spike in these online home food delivery apps?

  • Increased Urbanization
  • Increase the number of working couples
  • Social gatherings
  • Diverse cultures
  • Discounts and offers

How do home food delivery apps provide the service at such a low cost?

  • Tie up with banks and online payment gateways to provide cashback offers to customers
  • Bulk purchasing of raw materials
  • Huge sales volume lowering the cost per item
  • Adopting the cloud kitchen concept where there is no need to establish restaurants in fact rented places can be converted into kitchens and only food delivery facilities are provided without dine-in options
  • Charging high during the rainy season or high demand surcharge
  • Giving discount offers tied to minimum order value criteria, thus tempting customers to order more

How can you save cost while using home food deliver?

  1. Reduced Grocery Costs: Ordering food delivery allows you to avoid grocery shopping, which can lead to unplanned purchases and impulse buying. By sticking to a predetermined menu and portion sizes, you may be able to better control your food expenses.

  2. Minimized Food Waste: When you cook at home, you might end up with leftovers that go to waste. Food delivery services often provide portioned meals, reducing the chances of food spoilage and waste.

  3. Time Savings: Time is money. Home food delivery saves you the time and effort it takes to plan meals, shop for ingredients, and cook. If you have a busy schedule, this can free up valuable hours that you can use for work or other money-making activities.

  4. Energy Savings: Cooking at home requires energy to power your stove, oven, and other appliances. Depending on your location and energy prices, this can add up over time. Ordering food delivery eliminates these energy costs.

  5. Reduced Transportation Costs: If you factor in the cost of driving to the grocery store, the wear and tear on your vehicle, and the cost of gas, home food delivery may be a more cost-effective option. You can also save on parking fees if you live in a city where parking is expensive.

  6. Opportunity Cost: The time you save by not cooking can be used for activities that generate income or savings. For example, if you can work an extra hour instead of spending that time cooking, you may earn more money than you spend on the delivery.

  7. Economies of Scale: Food delivery services often buy ingredients in bulk, benefiting from economies of scale that can lead to lower ingredient costs compared to buying smaller quantities from a grocery store.

  8. Special Offers and Loyalty Programs: Many food delivery services offer discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs that can help you save money on your orders. Frequent use may lead to rewards or discounts.

  9. Reduced Dining Out Costs: While not as inexpensive as cooking at home, food delivery can be more budget-friendly than dining out at restaurants, especially if you consider the costs of service charges, tips, and taxes when eating out.

  10. Flexible Menu Options: Some food delivery services offer budget-friendly menu options, such as value meals or family-sized portions, which can be more cost-effective than cooking similar dishes at home.

It’s worth noting that while home food delivery can save you money in these ways, it’s important to balance convenience with your budget. Overreliance on food delivery can become costly if you order excessively or opt for high-priced restaurant meals. To maximize savings, consider budgeting for food delivery and use it strategically while also incorporating cost-effective homemade meals into your routine.

Thus above ways to get discounts and offers on food will definitely help you to manage your finances better and save more. Happy munching!


The Indian online food delivery market reached a value of US$ 4.35 Billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.1% from 2021-to 2026.

Let us know if you found this information helpful to get attractive discounts on home food delivery?

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