Stock Market Training

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It is a 5 – hour training session which will make you an expert in stock market trading.Learn Stock Market Basics and start earning from day 1 of the training.


Learn Stock Market Basics and start earning from day 1 of the training. Learn to become a profitable investor and trader. The stock market is an ocean, the more you take a deep dive, the more you learn from your experience. We are here to help you learn the basics and take you to master the art of making money from money.

Who can take up this course?

  • Any Fresher may take up this tutoring. No prior knowledge is required.
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Women whether moms or girls

Requirements :

  • A laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection to follow along with Instructor lectures is recommended.

Contents of the course :

This course will give you an overview and help you strengthen your basics in the stock market. Basic concepts, terms, logics are explained in detail to help you grasp the essence. Below are a few of the concepts covered:

  • Stock Market basics training
  • Low-cost Demat account opening
  • Fundamental research
  • Technical research
  • Read Graphs and Charts to know trends
  • Invest in quality IPOs
  • Choose the right shares to invest
  • Entry/exit trade timings training
  • Derivatives trading
  • Trading practice sessions
  • Paper and virtual trading sessions

What else is included in the Course?

  • 5+ Hours of Online Video sessions conducted by Traders, Stock market experts, and Industry experts of related field
  • It is a two-way interactive session, not a video recorded but a live session designed especially for you, based on your learning speed and knowledge
  • Certificate of completion
  • Downloadable Practise Files to follow along and practice with
  • Tips and tricks
  • Paper trading sessions
  • Virtual trading with virtual money
  • Question and Answer Sessions along with clearing any doubts
  • Expert Finmargin expert to guide and provide tips to earn profit

Benefits of this Sessions :

  • Become a profitable stock market trader and investor
  • Learn how to earn income from the stock market
  • Become an expert in technical analysis
  • Earn huge from investing in quality IPOs
  • Create a profitable stock portfolio
  • Invest in stocks with stable dividend income every year
  • Maximize return while minimizing loss

It will be a 5 -hour session which will make you an expert in stock market trading. You get a Certificate of completion and a chance to enroll in the Affiliate Program.

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42 reviews for Stock Market Training

  1. Mira

    Very professional training, liked every bit of it

  2. Rajesh

    genuine course

  3. Gopal

    loved the methods and training

  4. Tony

    It is a dangerous game , but if you take the course, then money making is possible through disciplined behaviour

  5. Shahista

    Need consultancy services

  6. Sheila

    learned a lot of new methods of trading. It is not easy, but very good structured course

  7. Pari

    good for this price

  8. Akshay

    Really interesting

  9. Tanveer

    The expert guidance during the course was very good. I earned good amount. I am practising the methods learned and accuracy is improving everyday.

  10. Sunamika

    ok for derivative learning

  11. Tamanna

    made simple and easy lessons

  12. mansoor

    Share market was a big no earlier, now its like everyday thing. All thanks to this course

  13. Hritik

    I enjoyed the sessions, well explained , systematic and logical

  14. Atul

    I earned in few tradesbut lost in most. This course helps changing your psychology in trading. Strategies are also worth learning but best part is control over your emotions which is taught here

  15. Sevitha

    Strategies you learn here are good, but it mostly depends upon you how do you use them

  16. Akansha

    Trading strategies are profitable

  17. Chandu

    overall good learning

  18. Juhi

    I am studying, but wanted to understand about stock market trading. This course helped me see what this market is all about, still doing paper trading and I am profitable. thankyou for giving me this skillof making money for lifetime.

  19. Sushil

    the fundamental analysis was too good.

  20. Pritam

    Training is good, need more hours

  21. Anamika

    After taking training, i applied my learnings in stock market especially when Russia Ukraine war is there. The returns that I got were above 100%. Thankyou for training so well.

  22. Helina

    Awesome course. It is a short course covering everything required

  23. Veena

    Good methods taught. Swing trading suits me, and the trading method taught is good.

  24. Veena

  25. Sania

    Learn that this market is all about discipline and strategies. Thanks

  26. Siva

    Great intraday startegies

  27. Ishika

    loved the training, I have started trading with low capital as told.

  28. Revati

    No false promises of getting rich. They will tell you genuine methods to increase profit, limit your losses. Good one.

  29. Pratheba

    I thought trading is not for me, since I was incurring losses. Thus took this training, but after this I am a profitable trader, not loosing money in hurry. The techniques taught are very simple. It helped me to know my fault earlier. You should take up this course if you are loosing money in trading, it is not because you are a bad trader, just because you still need to learn how to trade.

  30. Ayaan Sarkar

    This is the best course I attended till today. The course taught many ways of trading. Many techniques were taught during the course. I would recommend to attend and get the benefits from this.

  31. Yusuf

    good crash course

  32. Jitesh


  33. Robin S

    Basics are clear

  34. Roshini

    Futures trading, intraday and swing trading- worth learning the basics

  35. Divya

    Have learned how to use stoploss to manage risks. This training will helps you, you will not loose all your money in the share market

  36. Jay

    No one should start trading in stock market without knowledge. this course is very good and prepares us for trading.

  37. Javeed

    Now after virtual trading and practice sessions, have started earning half of my monthly salary. Thanks to the team.

  38. Goutam

    Learned derivative trading. Tips given to trade are good.

  39. Ruvika

    Good in terms of learning basics of stock market and start earning. Recommend to start virtual stock training sessions till the person is fully trained.

  40. Rakesh

    Started trading after learning from here. Now it’s been 2 months earning good profits from swing training technique.

  41. Reena

    Learned stock market basics, being a house wife now I have started earning. Thanks to the techniques and methods taught.

  42. Sujoy

    Stock market trading course was helpful, now earning decent profits

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