Personal Finance Planning

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It will be a 5-hour session. Learn how to manage personal finance and create wealth for your present as well as for the future


Learn how to manage personal finance and create wealth for your present as well as for the future. You may earn money, but to create wealth you need that extra knowledge.  If you find it difficult to earn money, then creating wealth is far tougher. We are here to help you learn how to manage your personal finances in a way to create huge wealth for yourself for all your financial goals.

Who can take up this course?

  • Any Fresher may take up this training. No prior knowledge is required.
  • Students
  • Employees
  • House makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to create wealth

Requirements :

  • A laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection to follow along with Instructor lectures is recommended.

Contents of the course :

Knowing how, when where and what is to be done with your savings or earnings is the first step in personal finance management. Creating wealth is an art, and this course teaches you what exactly you need to excel at that art. Wealth creation requires knowledge, patience, and the right investments at the right places at the right time. We help you create passive sources of income for yourself and help you achieve financial freedom. below are a few contents of the course:

  • Identify best saving or investment plan
  • Use tax-saving strategies – save double and pay no tax
  • Know loan repayment strategy – pay loan fast while using tax exemptions
  • Know best insurance plans – life and health insurance
  • Build maximum return portfolio
  • Create retirement plan
  • Fulfill financial goals

What else is included in the Course?

  • 5+ Hours of Online Video sessions conducted by Corporate professionals and Industry experts of related field
  • It is a two-way interactive session, not a video recorded but a live session designed especially for you, based on your learning speed and knowledge
  • Certificate of completion
  • Downloadable Practise Files to follow along and practice with
  • Strategies and techniques for managing your personal finance
  • Question and Answer Sessions along with clearing any doubts
  • Personal budget template to record all your household expenses and income
  • Tricks and tips to maximize your wealth and minimize risks
  • Excel templates to keep track of your investments and savings
  • Create passive income sources
  • Pay off all your loans and live debt free
  • Expert guidance from a Finance expert on your personal finances

Benefits of this Personal Finance Management Sessions :

  • Being able to manage your finances without any help from anyone
  • Maximize your returns and minimize risks
  • Keep track of all your expenses, income and investment
  • Know ways to create passive income sources
  • Create retirement corpus ready
  • Beat inflation and achieve financial freedom
  • Multiply wealth within short span of time through right investment


It will be a 5-hour session. You get a Certificate of completion and a chance to enroll in the Affiliate Program.

In case of any queries do contact us at [email protected]

38 reviews for Personal Finance Planning

  1. Harish

    Planning became easier, money grows only when you know how to invest right. This course prepares you for that

  2. Shweta

    Its good when you are serious about multiplying your wealth

  3. Imtiaaz

    Very good for tax savings

  4. Amar

    The sessions actually helped me to start investments in stocks, mfs and tax saving plans

  5. Meena

    I have started SIP in recommended mutual funds, so far the returns have been good

  6. Suman

    ok , have started saving from now on

  7. Nisha

    Thanks to the course have started planning for my children’s education from now

  8. Ankita

    Good insurance plans suggested at reasonable price

  9. Archana

    Great plans, great course

  10. Harpreet

    interactive course

  11. Yani

    Such a great learning experience

  12. Shubham

    Increased saving helps to build a secure future same is stressed in this course

  13. Debo

    Retirement planning schemes told were good.

  14. Tania

    Sufficient information

  15. Chandrakanth

    Saved my house rent. Thanks for training

  16. Joffson

    very informative, well structured lessons

  17. Arindam

    I never thought managing your wealth will feel so good. Thankyou for this crash course on managing wealth in a way that it only grows. If you feel you know how to manage your finances, just take this training, am sure you will not know certain tricks.

  18. Jeetu

    Finally I have learned how to grow my wealth. Thanks to this course and tutors

  19. Shweta

    I took advantage of this market crash to invest, and it is already giving me good returns. Thanks for teaching when and how to invest.

  20. Ekam


  21. Agam

    tax saving plans told are amazing, no one tells you the best plan to invest and how. But this course will tell you

  22. Prasansha K

    Now I am managing my in laws investment also, Thanks for teaching us how to build wealth

  23. Prasansha K


  24. Naresh

    Let me know if your team can manage my finances?

  25. Shardha bhardwaj

    Now i know how mutual fund agents are becoming rich, taking advantage of our ignorance. Everyone who wants to grow wealth should take up this course and start investing yourself.

  26. Monalisa das

    Thankyou Mam for helping me understand the basics of investments. I had no time, so used to hire agents for investing in mutual funds, stocks etc. they charged me Rs 15000 as consultancy fees. Thanks for letting me know how simple it is to invest in right schemes by yourself. Tax saving plans that you suggested is already giving me returns of more than 25%. If you want to grow your money, do it yourself.

  27. Shreyansh

    tax saving plans helped me save more than 1 lakh in my taxes. That is huge, thanks for the awesome plans and advise

  28. J. Jaya


  29. Nidhi Gupta

    I am managing my investment portfolio by myself after the course. Getting good returns. Tax-saving investments are also good.

  30. Prerna


  31. Gisha

    Finally saved so much of taxes. thanks for letting us know the tax saving plans with so high returns. Best training ever. Please manage our investment for a fees?

  32. Devansh

    Good course helps in managing finance

  33. Chandra

    Now started investing in right mutual funds after this training, and returns are great

  34. Avinash

    Great training. Able to pay off loans on time now.

  35. Tia

    Have built my own personal investment portfolio which is earning good returns. Thanks

  36. Rajni

    Started managing my finances well without any help Thanks for teaching me how to invest, save taxes, and earn income

  37. Myra

    Good learning. It would be good if our portfolio was restructured by them. They prefer we manage it by applying our learnings.

  38. Christina

    Thanks for teaching me how to plan household budgets and do retirement planning.

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