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It will be a 5 – hour session. Know your hidden talent by getting counseled by professionals and experts. Parents will be a part of the career counselling session along with students.


Know your hidden talents by getting counseled by our professionals and experts. Parents will also be part of this career counseling session so that the student is confident about their futuristic plans.

Who can take up this course?

  • Any Fresher may take up this course. No prior knowledge is required.
  • Students

Requirements :

  • A laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection to follow along with Instructor lectures is recommended.

Contents of the course :

We help to solve the below-mentioned problems:

  • Know inner talent or skill.
  • Know what to study to polish your inner talent.
  • Suggest the best course, the best college within your budget.
  • Learn to monetize your skills and start earning now.
  • Learn to create passive income sources.
  • Arrange meetings with experienced professionals who have achieved milestones in their careers.
  • Provide personal career counseling sessions with students as well as parents.

What else is included in the Course?

  • 5+ Hours of Online Video sessions conducted by Corporate professionals and Industry experts of related field
  • It is a two-way interactive session, not a video recorded but a live session designed especially for you, based on your learning speed and knowledge
  • Parent’s counseling to help them understand their children’s career path and interests
  • Skill tests, Psychometric tests conducted
  • Question and Answer Sessions along with clearing any doubts
  • Replicating real scenarios triggering on the spot questions
  • Know how to monetize your skills
  • Overall development
  • Career guidance from our professionals & experts.

Benefits of this Career Counseling Sessions :

  • Know the right career path and walk towards it without wasting time
  • Know how to monetize your skills
  • Excel in the career path chosen with huge income-generating capabilities
  • Choose the right course based on your career path and know the prospective jobs
  • Know the estimated earning potential based on your skillsets

It will be a 5-hour session. You get a chance to enroll in the Affiliate Program.

In case of any queries do contact us at [email protected]

41 reviews for Career Counselling

  1. Nishi

    excellent counsellor

  2. Rita


  3. Nagesh

    I wanted my child to take up course based on his skills rather than just go by the trend. This session helped me with that

  4. Shreya

    Struggled getting right counselling, finally found counsellors who are experienced and know the right path to succeed

  5. Dravid

    career advise helped me to step in right college for me

  6. Arshiya

    worked well for me and my child. ok

  7. Jassi

    I recommend

  8. Madhav

    Relaxed and tension free after this sessions

  9. Supriya

    I was recommended by one of my friend who had taken counselling sessions before. My experience was also very good, liked the friendly patient behaviors of the counsellors.

  10. fatima

    ok for my children

  11. Dhritri

    Career counselling is necessary when there are so many options but do not know which one to choose from. This sessions helped me a lot, solved all my queries

  12. Bimala

    loved the whole experience

  13. Sonali

    It is like a therapy. If you are worried about your children career, take up this session, worth it

  14. Krish

    I selected right career for myself. the counsellor Mam is very knowledgeable she guided me based on what I was good at

  15. Bhanu

    genuine counselling session

  16. Hardeep

    It is good for beginners, freshers

  17. Sudeep

    I just completed my 12th and was not able to decide what should be next. This counselling session helped me to find right college based on what I was good at. like it

  18. Pradipto

    Sometimes simple counselling helps you to understand things better

  19. Yashu

    Loved it

  20. Aneesh

    Lucky me to have found such a nice counselling session. It helped me and my boy to understand how important the selection is at this age. We found the right career and course. The way the experienced tutors take you through the career selection process is amazing. They get to the skills that your child is good at.

  21. Ananya

    I had no knowledge that finance will have so may career options for my child. thanks for letting me know what is best and options available

  22. Shilpi

    Counseling helps at times.

  23. Anupam

    Ok, no issues , it was good

  24. Ramanuja

    This counselling is like therapy to stop worrying about your child’s future. They charges are very nominal

  25. Arman

    Very friendly counsellors, liked the way they listen to you and solve your problems.

  26. Shilpa

    Take this counseling session, very good, helpful for my child and me.

  27. Pinky

    My son and I took this session, we now know as to which course my son should take, which college is good depending upon our budget, as his whole future depends on this. The counsellor Mam was very patient, heard us, caring and gave really good advise. I recommend her

  28. Arshad

    Nice session, ok for solving career confusions

  29. Monika

    At first, I was absolutely clueless about my career options in the field of commerce, however, within just 4 sessions I was able to tackle all my confusions and come up with an action plan for my undergrad studies. Throughout the session I was first told to give a detailed accounts of myself and what I aspired to become as a child, from there we slowly moved on to exploring my skills and abilities through a psychometric test after which, mapping out my career plan became much easier. Mam also makes sure she explains every point in the report in detail which allows you to introspect. I would recommend this session to anyone whose confused about their career options. After all it’s not just a matter of a few years but a matter of 50+ years of your life!

  30. Vivek

    Conselling is very good

  31. Lalit

    Cleared our minds . Great help

  32. Kiran


  33. Vignesh

    I liked the mature counseling

  34. Priyasha

    The counselors were very professional, patient, and hear us out. Thanks for guiding me

  35. Suraj

    They helped me not only with the career counselling for my son, but also helped him to decide on course

  36. Arshiya

    Liked the session

  37. Shlok

    I would have chosen a wrong career, thanks for guiding me the right one at the right time.

  38. Manish kumar

    Parents are included in this session. It was good helped my daughter with career selection

  39. Tulika

    Great counselling sessions conducted by professionals

  40. Reva

    I got this session for my child and they took sessions including me, which helped us both to understand what is best for my child. Consultation was very good.

  41. Manas

    The counseling session was great. Thanks for helping e select a good career.

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