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It will be a 5-hour session. Learn advanced excel used in corporate jobs and get a chance to grab high-paid jobs. Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advance level.


Learn Advance Excel used in corporate jobs and get a chance to grab high-paid jobs. Get trained by Corporate professionals with 10+ years of experience in MS Excel.

Who can take up this course?

  • Any Fresher may take up this course. No prior Excel knowledge is required.
  • Employees
  • Students

Requirements :

  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2013, 2019 or Microsoft 365 Excel Loaded on Computer to follow along with Instructor lectures is recommended.

Contents of the course:

Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced. Wow, your boss by unlocking dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, PIVOT Tables, and functions. At the completion of this course, you will have mastered the most popular Excel tools and will have the confidence to complete any Excel task with efficiency and grace. Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:

  • Vlookup / Hlookup
  • Pivot creation and analysis
  • Simple / Complex formulas
  • Simple / Complex Graphs
  • Data validation
  • Slicers
  • VBA / Macros
  • Data Analysis
  • Bulk Data Review
  • Shortcuts to save time while using excel
  • Creating effective spreadsheets
  • Managing large sets of data
  • Create dynamic report with Excel PivotTables
  • Automate your day to day Excel tasks

What else is included in the Course?

  • 5+ Hours of Online Video Session conducted by Corporate professionals
  • It is a two-way interactive session, not a video recorded but a live session designed especially for you, based on your learning speed and knowledge
  • Downloadable Exercise Files to follow along and practice with
  • Additional Exercise Files are provided at the end of each major section
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Question and Answer Sessions along with clearing any doubts
  • Corporate excel file assignments
  • Excel automated templates download to automate your tasks

Benefits of this Advance Excel Course :

  • Get high paid financial jobs which require the use of excel
  • Beneficial for students who want to study Finance
  • Prepare students for jobs and make them corporate ready
  • It is a foundation for data analytics job
  • For employees who want to switch jobs or grab a promotion

It will be a 5-hour session.  You get a Certificate of completion and a chance to get enrolled in the Affiliate Program.

For any queries do contact us at [email protected]

45 reviews for Advance Excel Online Course

  1. Tamara

    Enjoyable training

  2. Geeta

    Personally liked the course a lot

  3. Subhash

    This trainings is good, no doubt and like the way it is taught

  4. Richa

    Analytical role demanded excel knowledge, so joined this course. The course helped me to learn basics and reach to expert level. The tutors are goo, course material is great

  5. Brijesh

    5 stars rating

  6. Anjali

    basics were made very clear from day 1 in financial accounting subject. Liking the classes

  7. Deepika

    All my questions were answered live, practise sessions were excellent. They can actually make you an expert in excel

  8. Gaurav

    nice course

  9. Teena

    Highly recommend

  10. Jaanki

    Learned complex excel workings, formulas, lookups, sortings, graphs, charts, colour codings, logical formulas, text formulas etc

  11. Krishna

    Personally liked the course good quality & content

  12. Suhail

    Tutors are good

  13. Sanjeev

    Working with excels require patience, which i have now only after going through the classes here

  14. Jeet

    Personal attention is given, i am a slow learner, but was able to pick up. Study material provided is very helpful

  15. karan

    Excel is tough but this course taught me in easy and simple way. From lookups, to sorting to formulas, to extracting texts to copy pasting text into columns, to charts, pivot, learned a lot . These were just a few to mention

  16. Deepak

    Timely excel training

  17. Raithi

    This course helped me a lot in my reporting job

  18. Latika

    Difficult learning made easy. Highly professional, and very to the point course. Recommend it to all

  19. Supriyo


  20. Payal

    very informative and detailed training. Lots of effort put in by the team, much better than other video courses where its only 1 way thing, here its a 2 way thing

  21. Sarita

    happy learning

  22. Noor

    I was facing lot of issues in my company as I was not familiar with basic excel . Mam taught me excel from basic to advance level in easy way. the whole training is very interactive. I learnt how to do vlookups, hlookups, sorting to use of vba. The only thing is to do the homework and assignments on time. Thankyou Mam for such a nice training. I am able to work on complex data in my company now

  23. Rupal

    This course is a must for everyone who wants to understand excel, and use it in daily life in office. Too good tutors, training, assignments,

  24. Shivam


  25. Radhika

    My company wanted good excel skills for next level. I joined this course, at first it was difficult, but the tutors explain you the concept in very easy way. Now I can work on excels very easily

  26. Sanket

    advance excel training with practical tips

  27. Sneha Kumari

    Easy to understand. concepts were clear. Liked the training

  28. Shalini

    Advance excel training is good. Required in today’s times. Looking forward for Power Bi training course as well

  29. Shivani

    I had earlier taken courses from Udemy, but it has recorded videos. But these classes are live, where a tutor will teach you live, so I am able to understand concepts better. My doubts are answered then and there. Would recommend to those who find it difficult to learn from recorded sessions, rather take these online 1 on 1 training classes. It helped me a lot.

  30. Greayson

    Real time experience faculties are teaching Advance Excel. Provided challenging and interesting tasks. This is the right place to learn Excel. Fees is also reasonable. They will clearly explain the concepts that make us to understand the logic behind that. Combination of excel fromulas are really interesting to learn from them. I was a beginner, but they made me an expert. They tell you tricks, and shortcuts which is of great help when you join a company. This knowledge will help you in future. Just go for it.

  31. Dimple

    Needs practise

  32. Jyothi

    Got a reporting job because of good excel knowledge. thanks for training me so well.

  33. Jacob

    Good for professionals like me.

  34. Ajay

    Benefit of this course is learning in real time as I have taken recorded course earlier but live session gives you flexibility to learn better

  35. Rita

  36. Steffi

    The best thing about this training is to learn how to automate your daily tasks. Loved it

  37. Atharva

    I knew nothing about excel, and now after this session, I can handle huge data on excel and analyse it. The training is too good.

  38. Diya

    I had difficulty with the basics of Excel but now I can work on complex data because of the training.

  39. Yuva

    The training provided was excellent. For me, pivot table analysis worked well for my company.

  40. Shreya

    Thanks for making complex formulas so simple to use. great course

  41. Ritika

    Good course

  42. Avinash

    This was one of the best courses I have ever taken in my experience as a student I really appreciate the effort your team had put into this

  43. Sujath

    The training was online conducted by an experienced tutor, it is a live session, and the tutor goes with the speed that you understand. Very good training. Recommend to all.

  44. Sujoy

    Excel training was too good, learned complex graphs and formulas

  45. Keerthi

    Had taken excel and ppt training. Excel training helped me in data analysis.

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