Switch to pocket friendly lifestyle to become rich now

Discounts, Offers, Buy 1 Get 1 free does bring a smile to your face, isn’t it? We love purchasing more for less. After all who wants to burn a hole in his or her pocket? When earnings are limited, we learn to limit our expenses. Thus evolves our love for pocket friendly products or services to maintain pocket friendly budgets. Being careful while spending prevents you from blowing off your income in no time.

How to stick to pocket friendly budget?

Ever faced a cash crunch or no money situation before a month-end? Well, then pocket friendly budget is just for you. Pocket friendly budget means maintaining a personal budget that includes your income and expenses in a way that you never run out of money before the month ends. Being able to manage all your expenses and liabilities in the most cost-effective way along with being able to fulfill all necessities and a part of your never-ending wishes.

Impulsive buying is a momentum that triggers you to buy within minutes. By the time you have finished punching your OTP, your mind signals you to think again, but the order is already placed and that’s the end of your pocket friendly budget. So, we know it’s difficult but not impossible to stick to a pocket friendly budget, let us tell you how?

Capture all the expenses incurred by you during the entire month. Also, mention your take-home income or salary precisely. To ensure that the figures mentioned are all-inclusive without any hidden expenses left behind.

  • Estimate expenses and Set Target

Now estimate the total expenses to be incurred next month. Now the total expenses should not exceed 80% of your monthly income. If it is exceeding 80% of your total income, do not worry the next step will help you to be within the 80% bucket.

  • Switch to pocket friendly choices

Now the listed expenses can be further reduced when you switch to pocket friendly choices. It means purchasing products and services which are low cost but fulfills the necessity. Example- Instead of using a high-cost floor cleaner with great fragrance, purchase a low-cost floor cleaner with no fragrance as it will still clean the floor.

  • Analyze

Now calculate the actual expenses incurred for the month. Compare it with the estimated pocket friendly budget prepared in the beginning. Now see if the variance is positive or negative. If you are well within the budget, then no need for further analysis. However, if you have exceeded the budget then you need to further analyze where can you use more pocket friendly things to reduce your expenses.

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What pocket friendly choices are available?

There are plenty of pocket friendly choices available, the only thing is to understand that switching to pocket friendly choices does not mean accepting deteriorated or lower quality products or services. It is simply an informed decision to buy products or services which are competitively priced and is able to serve the need, rather than spending more for the same need. Let us tell you what pocket friendly choices are available to you?

  • Pocket friendly restaurants

Dine with wine is sure to rejuvenate you and your loved ones. Spending quality dining time at restaurants relishing your taste buds is much needed after the day’s work. Do stick to pocket friendly restaurants offering huge discounts on dining, food, and drinks. Many apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Nearby, Magicpin offer huge discounts on dining, free dishes, and happy hours for those who want to drink their heart out. What’s wrong with saving some cost while enjoying to the fullest?

  • Pocket friendly gifts

Marriage, Birthdays, Baby showers, Diwali, Christmas, New year, the list goes on. India has festivals almost every week. Choose pocket friendly gifts like purchasing online with a huge discount, or creating one will also give a personal touch. Pocket friendly gifting ideas are as below and you can find these in Amazon, Flipkart, or any other online stores with huge discounts starting as low as Rs 150.

  • Printing favorite moments on a color-changing mug
  • Pen with name on it
  • Keychain with name on it
  • Good luck decors like laughing buddha, or feng shui tortoise or bamboo plant vase
  • Bouquets with fresh flowers – for this avoid buying online go for local shopping
  • Candles shaped like a vase, fish with fragrance
  • Mud vase painted and decorated
  • Sketch engraved on Wood
  • Pocket friendly vacations

Break for work means vacations to relax and rejuvenate. Traveling to close-by unexplored vacation spots which are low cost would leave you with more money to spend on shopping and indulging in delicious meals. Choose low-cost budget-friendly vacation spots, which has lots of offer along with awesome sightseeing and mee time. Preplanning is the key here, and always pre-book your vacation hotels, or travels in advance by comparing the prices across different apps and cracking the best deal possible.

  • Pocket friendly grooming services

Haircut, waxing, trimming are necessary services required for both men and women. Nowadays salon at home service is gaining popularity because of the comfort, low-cost service accessible at your doorstep. Choose reasonably priced grooming services to get your grooming done at the most affordable prices.

  • Pocket friendly social gatherings

Thinking of throwing a party, try throwing a house party. Pubs, clubs, or resorts are way expensive and may take just 1 party to drain your monthly savings. Organizing a party at home will save you huge. In fact, it offers more freedom in terms of food, unlimited drinks, and a personal touch.

  • Pocket friendly groceries

Order your monthly groceries in bulk and save huge from the discounts and offers on cards and digital wallets. Also, compare the prices across apps, then choose the best deal. Buying in bulk gives you more cashback as well as free items to try.

  • Pocket friendly travel

Commutation is no longer a problem with low-cost traveling apps. Shared cabs, metros, share bike rides have made traveling affordable. Choose public means of transport and cut down on traveling expenses.

  • Pocket friendly diet

Try walking, eating fresh vegetables and fruits, meditation, and doing yoga to be fit and healthy. Gym memberships or expensive fitness sessions cannot change your lifestyle. You cannot pay others to burn your calories. So, get ready, exercise, and change your lifestyle to get instant results.


Benefits of opting for pocket friendly choices?

Well, you need to pay for getting a need fulfilled. If the need is getting fulfilled by paying a lesser amount of money, it feels good, as you end up saving some money. Some people may argue about the quality of the products and services, but again as long as your need is satisfied, without burning a hole in your pocket, you will be happy.

  • Save money

Switching to pocket-friendly products and services is sure to save you a lot of money. Savings are important to help you achieve financial freedom in the long run. So do not think twice.

  • Emergency fund

Who would have thought that covid-19 will confine you to your homes for years? Thus it is always good to have emergency funds with you. Your choices will surely help you get the savings for the emergency fund accumulated set up and will help you during any unforeseen situation.

  • Debt-free

No EMI’s, no debts, no credit card bills, what a relief right. Adopting this lifestyle will help you live life debt-free. You will be disciplined without indulging in any spendthrift activities.

  • Stress-free life

Living with no debt, no monthly obligations will make your life enjoyable. A stress-free life is a byproduct of following this lifestyle devoid of any impulsive buying triggers. Financial stability and financial freedom are the ultimate end results.

Thus try out this lifestyle and see for yourself the difference it brings to your life.


Post covid budget friendly tors in India have spiked by 25%.

Still, thinking, tell your thoughts on it?

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