How to save money on normal house front elevation designs?

Ah! That house looks so damn beautiful! This is exactly what you want to hear about your house. You want the people’s heads to turn around to admire the beauty of your house. The first look says it all. It speaks volumes about the owner and what to expect inside the house. Even a normal house may look stunning if front elevation designs are attractive. This brings us to realize the importance of normal house front elevation designs and the wonders they can create.

What are normal house front elevation designs?

The exterior of the house is specifically designed to complete the majestic look of the house. The doors, the windows, chimney, walls, front lawn or garden area, and everything which is seen in the first look. It basically refers to how a house would look if seen from specific angles. When you go to a house, the house welcomes you through its entrance, garden, and doors. Giving you a specific view of the house. This view in technical terms is called entry elevation or normal front house elevation designs. The architectures, constructors are consulted before designing and constructing such designs.

house designs
house designs

How to save money on normal house front elevation designs?

While constructing a house, you surely worry about one thing and that is the construction cost. Owning a house gives a sense of pride. For some, it is a status symbol. Everyone wishes to win the beautiful luxurious house of their dreams. Some make it possible while some don’t. Most of the house loans with affordable EMI’s have opened the doors of possessing their dream house. While some buy already built houses, while some prefer to build their own house based on their preferences. Even those who end up buying an existing house, prefer working on the normal front house elevation designs to enhance its overall look. Let us discuss some interesting ways of how to save money on normal house front elevation designs:

  1. Preplanning – Preplanning the design, features and answering all the questions related to how, what, when, and why is important. Construction once done cannot be altered. While planning how normal house front elevation designs should look like. You as the owner of the house should discuss the quality and quantity of raw material, color theme, dimensions, types of front doors and windows, type of lawn or garden area, chimney height, look of walls, and overall structure. Everything should be discussed well, with a blueprint in place to follow. If once the construction is done, then altering anything will add hugely to your cost of construction, thus increasing your overall budget.
  2. House and plot structure – A H shaped, L shaped or other shaped houses consume more raw materials as compared to a square or rectangular house structure. So, it is advisable to choose between a square or rectangular house structure. As per the unit cost of raw material, consumption will be low for these 2 structures, which is very high for other forms of house structures.
  3. Cost of raw materials – The raw materials consumed should be inspected by the owner. Buying the material from local vendors and buying the best possible option at the lowest cost should be considered. Bricks, cement, sand, rod, are consumed in bulk especially in normal house front elevation designs. Suppliers should be chosen cautiously, and fixed-rate should be negotiated. As with any increase in the price, your fixed price will not change, thus you benefit but if prices drop you do not enjoy the reduced prices as well. The cost of raw materials if negotiated well, will end up saving huge money for you.
  4. Construction time – Faster is the construction of house done, better it will be for you. As long as the construction time, per day charges of laborers will keep increasing. Besides the same house if constructed on time can be rented, thus you start earning. If you will be living in that house, then you end up saving the rent paid for an existing house. Longer time is consumed while constructing normal house front elevation designs. Thus, stick to the construction timelines and finish it off as soon as possible. This will end up savings from everywhere possible.
  5. Keep it simple yet elegant – Too many designs or artwork in the normal house front elevation designs will tarnish the entire look of the house. Do not overdo. Keep it simple, with subtle designs, colors, and themes with a royal look. Keeping it simple with end up saving you hugely if various structures and artworks were included.
  6. Invest in durable products – Selecting something just for the sake of the show, will impact the life of your house in the long run. Choose the best quality products at reasonable costs to build your house. The same applies while constructing the normal house front elevation designs. Compromising now will increase the repairs and maintenance costs in the future. So, invest right now, so that you do not regret tomorrow.
  7. Choose waterproof paint – Do pay special attention to the painting part of the house. Use waterproof paint which has high resistance towards rusting and dust especially for normal house front elevation design construction. Rain, dust, changing weather are deemed to impact the outer look of the house, so choose the best within budget to avoid repainting charges and seepage.
  8. Do not compromise on space – While constructing normal house front elevation designs, make sure that internal space is not compromised. Keep the structure simple, beautiful, and within the decided dimensions. Unnecessary extension beyond one’s boundary will attract legal actions and huge expenses. So, avoid it at all costs.
  9. Elevated designs – Focus on creating sliders or sloping surfaces to prevent waterlogging in any area. Normal house front elevation designs should be so planned that the house is able to withstand any season be it rainy, winter, sunny, or windy storms. This will again save your cost in recurring costs and maintenance expenses throughout the year.

Thus Save big using the above tips while constructing your dream house. A house is where you would stay with your family. You spend most of your time in the house so making it worth it is important.


Benefits of normal house front elevation designs?

You want to own a beautiful, eye-catching house. Normal house front elevation designs are the perfect choice to achieve your goal. Paying attention to your first look and how your house looks from every angle possible is important and will fetch your savings in the long run. Let us discuss the benefits of having these designs done for your house:

  1. External look – A house that turns around people’s heads is most wanted. Looking at the house speaks volumes about the owner’s status and personality. The external look is reflective of what to expect inside. The first look matters as it creates a lasting impact on anyone.
  2. Clean and spacious – Paying attention to normal house front elevation designs helps in constructing a very neat and clean structure. Since planning is involved, thus it is non clustered and spacious. The structure comes out very well.
  3. Resale value – Look at the house matters a lot when trying to sell it off. You will get more leads and more buyers who want to buy the house. Hence strengthening your bargaining power and appreciating the price of the house. It really boosts the resale value of your house. Do invest in normal house front elevation designs to get appreciated price in future.
  4. Lesser repairs and maintenance – Annual repairs and maintenance can burn a hole in your pockets. Invest in normal house front elevation designs to avoid any seepage, rusting, drainage issues, and cracks. Taking care of these in the initial stages will prevent these recurring costs to a great extent.
  5. Look as per your choice – A theme is followed while building a house. A specific pattern gives it uniqueness. Incorporating that theme into normal house front elevation designs is an art. Combining it with the owner’s ask is a whole new art. The design speaks volumes about the owner’s taste.

Thus choose the right architecture and constructor to get your normal house front elevation design attractive within your budget.

house design
house design


The normal house front elevation design costs start from Rs 7 lakhs and go to crores.

Let us know your ways of saving money while constructing the front elevation design for your house?

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