1 million dollar into rupees – know value at a click

Confused about how to convert 1 million dollar into rupees? Do not worry we will help you convert one million dollars in rupees in a click. Currency conversions depend upon the current exchange rate in the market. Keeping live track of the same is difficult for us but we have tools to make our lives easier. One such tool is a currency converter which helps us to convert any currency into another currency in seconds. Convert USD to INR, or USD to AUD, or AUD to INR, it will not take more than 5 seconds.

Calculate 1 million dollar into rupees

Use the magical currency converter below to convert 1 million dollar into rupees in less than 5 seconds. When we convert 1 million dollar into rupees the answer in words is Rs 7+ crores (more than seven crores) or as per today’s hedge rate, it is 7.6 crores (seven crores sixty lakhs).

One Million Dollar into Rupees

In case you want to convert your currency to any other currency and know its real-time value then use the below currency converter or the above one. You need to follow the below steps to get the results:

Currency Converter

  • In the Amount column deletes the already input 1000 and enter the amount you want to input.
  • You may change the currency to reflect yours, by default it is set at USD you may change it to any other currency with the help of the dropdown by searching the respective currency in the search bar.
  • In case you want to change the converted value’s currency then you may do so with the help of the dropdown by searching the respective currency in the search bar.
  • Just click outside to get the converted value reflect automatically in the desired currency.
  • This tool also helps you to track the exchange rate for upto 5 years giving you a graphical trend of the change in exchange rate with respect to the selected currencies.
  • If required you may also set the alerts for daily updates when the currencies change by subscribing to it through your email id.

This currency conversion helps you to be aligned with the currency changes. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

What does K means in rupees?

If you have worked in an MNC or have traveled internationally or have international exposure then you would have come across terms like K, People speak in terms of K, like 1K, 10K, 5K, etc. What does this K actually means? K means 1000. In fact, the salaries employees will resemble when their HR tells them that they will earn 2K monthly, which means $2,000. Thousands are termed as K. Though when K is converted into rupees it will sum up to the exchange rate multiplied by 1000.

1 K in rupees = 1000 x 76 = Rs 76,000 (seventy-six thousand)

Q – $ 10 K means how much rupees

A – $ 10 K means = 10 x 1000 x 76 = Rs 7,60,000 (seven lakhs sixty thousand). Thus when 10K is converted into rupees it becomes Rs 7,60,000.

Q – $ 4.5 K means in rupees

A – $ 4.5 K means = 4.5 x 1000 x 76 = Rs 3,42,000 (three lakhs forty-two thousand).

If you want to convert K into rupees use below online converter. 

  • If you want to convert $ 10K to rupees then input only 10 as USD column is in K. It will automatically populate the value in INR.

K into Rupees

1 million dollar into rupees

Why is one million called 10 lakhs?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to converting $1M in rupees. If you search online most of the answers will say that $1M is equal to 10 lakhs in rupees. That is not true in the literal sense as the exchange rate is not considered here when converting one million into rupees. The concept used here is that one million has 6 zeroes $1M = $1000,000. Thus, when you see in terms of zeroes then $1M is actually 10 lakhs ignoring the exchange rate and focusing only on the zeroes and numeric value. Basically, when you bring in the hedge rate than 1 million dollar into rupees will become equal to 100000 x 76 x = Rs 7. 6 crores (seven crores sixty lakhs).

Thus, do not get confused as $1M is not INR 10 lakhs, 1 million dollar into INR will be equal to Rs 7.6 crores. Similarly, if you convert 1 million rupees to usd, then it will be equal to 1000,000 divided by 76 which is the exchange rate = $13K or $13,000. (Thirteen thousand dollars).

Benefits of using currency converter?

Calculating currency changes manually is tough and prone to errors because the exchange rate fluctuates every day. Thus, it is always advisable to use a currency converter in order to calculate the currency conversions and get accurate values. There are many benefits offered by the online currency converter tool:

  • Easy to use
  • Auto populated
  • User friendly
  • Accessible
  • Inbuilt system of tracking exchange rate and applying the recent one
  • Has a feature to get live updates on currency changes if you set a filter or a logic

The payments made or received not match the currency converter value?

In case you transact internationally and use various payment gateways to help you make payments or receive payments in different currencies like PayPal, Stripe, etc then there are chances that the currency value shown by the currency converter might not be the same as what you pay or receive. The difference occurs because of the following reasons:

  • Transfer charges are deducted while making or receiving payments in different currencies
  • Taxes deducted at the source
  • Payment gateway’s charges deducted
  • Fluctuation in exchange rates

Due to the above reasons, the currency value you see differs when transactions actually occur. To avoid this always ensure you keep a + 1 or -1 margin to the value seen. Also, get your expectations right as there will not be more than +1 0r -1 deviations except the fact that other charges are so significant to increase the variance.

Why do different currencies have different values?

The purchasing power of currencies differs depending upon how stable and developed the economy of that country is. US is a developed country with strong USD dollars thus demanding a high purchasing power when compared to the other currencies of the world. The huge difference in the purchasing power makes it attractive for the arbitrageurs to mint money out of it. Similarly, if you have 10,000 USD dollars then that will be equal to Rs 7.6 lakhs in INR which is huge for Indians. Thus, outsourcing work to low-cost centers is trending. With remote work being accepted as new normal the employment opportunities in developing countries have increased, helping developed countries to cut their cost.


Usually, currency depreciation leads to higher exports because it lowers export prices and encourages foreign buyers to buy more of these products or services.

Did you find it easy to convert 1 million dollar into rupees?


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