Download App to Refer and Earn ₹7500 now-2022

Get Free cash, food, makeup, clothes, groceries, and lots more right away but how? Ever thought if you could get products without paying for them? Well, not only will you get free products but also earn cashback, reward points, and gifts up to Rs 7,500. No, it is not a scam at all, just download the below app with refer and earn program. Refer your friends, family, followers to help them win something and bring smiles to their faces. In return you get your reward too, so win-win for both. Let us discuss the best refer and earn app of 2022 in detail. 

Why would you refer these apps to anyone?

Every time you refer the below app to anyone, refer and earn policy makes you eligible to earn in cash or in kind. It is more like an affiliate program through which you are helping the companies to acquire more customers. The companies in return are offering you something of value for getting them a customer through your efforts. Thus in a way you earn your reward by referring others.

Why would anyone download these Apps through your links or codes?

If your friends, families, and followers use the below link or code while downloading the below apps then they stand a chance to get discounts, cashback, rewards, and free products on their first transaction through the app. All the below-mentioned app with refer and earn programs are legitimate, they are 100% genuine.

Why should you download apps using below links and codes?

Do not download these apps without using the below links. In case you do so, you end up downloading the app without getting mentioned rewards, cash backs, discounts, or offers. Download using the mentioned below links and codes only to get the assured benefits or rewards. We want all you readers to get maximum benefit in whatever form possible. Subscribe to us and comment if you want more stuff like this.

app refer and earn
app refer and earn



Best App Refer and Earn in 2022

  1. Magicpin – Want to satisfy your hunger? Why wait simply download the Magicpin app. The app offers food delivery service along with refer and earn program. This app runs on points where 1 Magic Point = Rs 1/-. Infact when you offer your referral code to your friend, he will be more excited to install this app, as it will give him a whopping Rs 1000/- Magic Points on his first purchase through this app along with 90% off on his first food delivery from McDonald or other outlets. Wait you will not be left out. So you get 140 Magic Points when your friend places an order, along with Rs 200/- off on Amazon gift cards. Sounds attractive right, so just go and install this app faster to quench your foody thirst. Also, this app gives you an option to upload your food bills and keep earning Magic Points for more discounts and offers.

Magicpin  – Click to download and get Rs 1000 Magicpoints on your 1st purchase on app and 90% off on 1st food                                             delivery use code ORZN2262

  1. Zepto – Guests are on their way, and there are no snacks at your home. Well, do not worry, install the Zepto app for last-minute groceries to be delivered at your door steps. How quickly will they reach ahh! they are pretty quick as the maximum delivery time is not more than 8 minutes from the time you have placed your order. Besides there is no delivery fees and no minimum order value for now. Find it too hard to be true? Experience yourself. Wait not only this but Zepto app also has refer and earn program, so refer your friend and earn 25% off on your order. Your friend also gets 25% off on his first order through the app.

Zepto  – Click to Download & get 25% off on your 1st order or Use code -HNU726

  1. Fraazo – Get fresh vegetables and fruits delivered to your doorsteps within 90 minutes. They also have a stock of other grocery items in case you need them. Fraazo app does have refer and earn option, so refer your friend and get a Rs 100/- instant discount. Your friend also gets a Rs 100/- gift voucher. It’s a win-win for both.

 Fraazo  – Download to get Rs 100 voucher or use Code – FRZ-4247550

  1. Meesho – Want to be a businessman or businesswoman? This is the right app if you have something to sell. If yes then simply download the Meesho app through the below link. Meesho app is based on refer and earn model, so refer your friend who is a seller or wants to sell products online without being worried about transportation and logistics part. Your friend gets 30% off on his or her first purchase while she also gets a chance to sell products through social networking. While you get 25% off the first 3 sales capped at Rs 350/- per order.

Meesho  – Download to get flat 30% off on your 1st order or use code CMWRRTI81458.

  1. Myntra – Do not stop being fashionable, keep shopping with the Myntra app. Myntra app offers refer and earn program. Invite your fashionable friend and earn Rs 200/- in return. Your friend gets Rs 100/- as Myncash + extra Rs. 300 Off + free shipping on their 1st order. Why wait when it is time to shop till you are tired.

Myntra  – Download the app to get instant Rs 100/-with Rs 300/- off and free shipping on 1st order (Rs.1 Myncash=                                         Rs.1) Use code -npjfc4.

  1. Cashify – Tired of your old mobile phone? It is time to sell it using Cashify at the price that you feel is fair and get it sold in a few days. Save yourself the trouble of finding a buyer for your used phone. Install Cashify app, engage in refer and earn scheme it offers. You refer your friend and let him earn Rs 100/- more on his first transaction (provided minimum transaction value is Rs 1500/-). You also get 100 money points which are added to your Cashify wallet. These points can be redeemed against options provided by them to redeem them.

Cashify  – Download and use the code UPHUKTB0 – to get Rs 100/- more on your 1st mobile phone sales.

  1. PharmEasy – Tired of spending much on medicines. If you are prescribed to take medicines continuously then purchase through this app to get huge discounts. The best part is even if you do not have a medical prescription, you will receive a callback from the doctor to check if the medicine purchased is suitable for you based on your medical conditions or not. Pay only half the price and save huge. Apart from usual discounts, the Pharmeasy app has refer and earn option so invite your friends and earn an extra 5% discount over and above the available discount. You also get a 5% additional discount on medicines.

PharmEasy  – Download the app and use Code – jv55t to get an additional 5% off on your 1st order.

  1. Coin – Coin is an app belonging to Zerodha to invest in mutual fund plans directly. When you refer the Coin app to your family or friends, you get 10% of the brokerage in case they invest in any of the mutual fund plans in that app. Not only this you also get 300 reward points from them to subscribe to their paid services. The minimum payout is Rs 1000/-. Thus, one has to refer in order to accumulate atleast the minimum payout amount.

Coin  – Get 10% of brokerage up to Rs 200

  1. GoiBiBo – Here comes an app to help you with your travel and hotel bookings in a quick and easy way. Even the GoIbibo app offers refer and earn policy with mutual benefits. You get Rs 125/- Go cash for referring your friend and your friend gets Rs 150/- for signing up. This Go cash can be used as a discount to reduce your total bill value.

Goibibo  – Click to Download and get assured Rs 150/- Go cash on sign up and use code WELCOME on your 1st booking                             to get an additional 25% off.

  1. Ola – Travelling long-distance made easier. Save the need to buy a car when you can take advantage of Ola. Ola app provides you with easy accessibility of booking cab at a reasonable price in minutes. Download the Ola app and travel stress-free. This app also comes with refer and earn facility. Refer your friend and let him get Rs 50/- off on his first ride. When he is done with his ride, you get Rs 50/- off too.

Ola  – Download to get assured Rs 50/- off use code – Code 2J4NZA 

  1. Zoom Car – Why dependent upon shared cabs when you may drive the car by yourself. Book zoom car to self-drive and enjoy the ride as you want. This will surely delay your car purchase as it allows you to drive without worrying about the maintenance part. Just to remind your car depreciates in value every year, but driving a zoom car will simply multiply your savings. Here they offer you income in case you already have a car. Rent your car standing idle at your home and put it to good use on road. Let your car earn a regular income for you while you relax. If you refer any of your friends who wants to join the Zoomcar Host program then share the referral code with him and your friend gets Rs 10,000/- while you get Rs 7,500/-. Your friend gets the above amount apart from Rs 36,000 per month which this program will be able to offer him for sharing his car.

Zoom Car  – Download get Rs 10,000/in case you are ready to lend your car to zoom car under Zoomcar Host Program

  1. Urban Company – It was earlier called Urban Clap. Download this app that provides various services under one roof like saloon service both for men and women, home services like cleaning, repairs, and paintings, electrical appliances repair, etc. Why trouble yourself, when professionals can take care of it? Urban Company app also comes with refer and earn option. Invite your friends to help them get Rs 100/- instant off on their first service on this app. After their service completion, you get a chance to win rewards up to Rs 5000/- or a minimum of Rs 100/- whichever is higher.

Urban Company  – Get assured cashback of Rs 100.

  1. Get Look – You get the best combo beauty services package here. Getlook app provides beauty service at home, along with refer and earn option. When you refer this app to your friend, she gets a Gcash of Rs 200/-. While you also get Gcash of Rs 200/ on successful completion of your friend’s service. Gcash can be used against a minimum billing amount of Rs 999/-.

Get Look  – Click to download and get Rs Gcash of Rs 200.

  1. Myglamm – Want to buy vegan, PETA-approved makeup? Download the Myglamm app to refer and earn so as to fulfill your makeup needs. Refer this app to your friend and gift them Rs 150/- off on their first purchase from the app. The good news is that whatever your friend buys, you get it absolutely free so try it out by giving your referral code to your friend.

MyGlamm  – Click to download to get Rs 150/- off on your first purchase or Use Code – HARN8017

  1. Yes Madam – Looking for a saloon home service? Download the Yes Madam app, refer and earn enough to get free beauty service at your doorsteps. You may populate a referral code and get Rs 150/- off when your friend completes a booking. Why will your friend take your referral code? Well, your friend in return gets Rs 100/- off too. Moreover, every time your friend completes a booking successfully, you keep earning Rs 50/-.

Yes Madam  – Click to download to get assured Rs 100 off or use code b0rq95

  1. YLG @Home – Premium beauty saloon service available at home now. Download the YLG @Home app that provides beauty service at home, and also helps you refer and earn. You get your referral code and when your friend uses this code, she gets a 50% off coupon. This coupon is applicable on a minimum bill value of Rs 100/- with a validity of 60 days only. While you get a Rs 500/- off coupon on successful completion of your friend’s booking, which is again valid on a minimum bill amount of Rs 1000/- with a validity of 60 days.

YLG@Home  – Click to Download and get 50% off on your 1st order or  use code – 2oXW112167

  1. Paytm app – After seeing Paytm QR codes in local vendor shops, you would have surely installed this app and murmured the golden words “Paytm Karo”. As of today, if you refer your friend and he makes his 1st UPI payment through paytm then you earn Rs 100. There is no limit to this, so go to this app to refer and earn. Your friend gets a guaranteed cashback reward on making his or her 1st UPI money transfer on Paytm.

Paytm   – Click to get cashback.

  1. PhonePe – There come another UPI app very popular will business owners. They also offer Rs 100 for each referral once the referral makes his first payment using Phonepe UPI. So, use the Phonepe app to refer and earn by simply inviting your friends to this app.

PhonePe  – Click to get assured cashback

  1. Google Pay – Transfer of money to anyone can now earn you rewards. Gpay popularly known as Google pay is an app that offers refer and earn option. Refer your friend and earn Rs 101/- while your friend gets Rs 21/- on their first payment exchange.

Google Pay  – Download the app or Use code – y30lq84 to get cashback

  1. Amazon Pay – Earn cashback by making payment for a product or sending payment to your friends or family. Amazon Pay is integrated with Amazon App, it also offers refer and earn. Invite your friends to use Amazon Pay and win Rs 75, on their first transaction through the app, and your friend gets a reward too.

Amazon Pay  – Download the App or use the code to get your reward – BAU1K1 

  1. Amazon Prime – Now binge-watch web series, movies, and short stories in HD only on Amazon Prime. It becomes a sure yes when they offer 30 days free trial with the benefits of free delivery, videos, music & more. Why wait ? Join fast to avail your free trial now. This app offers refer and earn program but only to Amazon sellers, where each successful registration will earn them Rs 100/-.

Amazon Prime  –Download using the below link and get 30 days trial free (free delivery, Music, Videos & more)

  1. FinMargin – Searching for high-paid jobs or want to earn through the stock market? Join FinMargin certified online courses which offer a certificate of completion for every course. It also offers tutoring services to help students score higher marks. The best part is that the courses are conducted by corporate professionals with experience of 10+ years. Advance Excel, Presentation skills, and  Personal finance management courses are worth a try. They do not have an app for now but have a website that offers refer and earn or affiliate program. Refer their course to your friend and earn Rs 200/- per sale. After 3 sales you earn 10% of the course value. Your friend also gets an additional off.

FinMargin  – Refer and Earn Rs 200/- on each sale

Download Best Refer and Earn App 2022

App Name You Earn (If you Refer)
UPI Payment Apps
Paytm Rs 100
Phonepe Rs 100
Google Pay Rs 101
Amazon Pay Rs 75
Beauty Service Apps
Myglamm Free makeup
Yes Madam Rs 150
YLG @Home Rs 500 off
Get Look 200 Gcash
Urban Company Rs 100 or reward upto Rs 5000
Food/Grocery Apps
Magicpin 140 points & Rs 200 off on Amazon coupons
Zepto 25% off on order
Fraazo Rs 100
Travel Apps
Ola Rs 50
Goibibo Rs 125
Zoomcar Rs 7500
Lifestyle Apps
Meesho 25% of first 3 sales capped at Rs 350/- per order
Myntra Rs 200
Cashify 100 points
Amazon Prime Rs 100
Pharmeasy 5% off
Mutual Fund App
Coin Rs 200 & 300 reward points
Educational Website
FinMargin Rs 200

Some More Apps

App Refer and Earn
Teen Patti Master ₹150 Free Bonus
Dhani App ₹200 Bonus
Groww App ₹100 Free Stock
Amazon Pay UPI ₹75 Per Refer
PayTM UPI ₹100 Per Refer
Google Pay App ₹150 Per Referral
Mobikwik UPI Earn ₹5000
PhonePe App ₹100 Signup Bonus
Fi Money App ₹1000 Cashback
Cred App ₹1000 Sign Up Bonus
TimesPrime App ₹400/Refer
Phable App Free Health Item
Myglamm App Free Makeup
Shopsy App ₹150 Per Refer
Coinswitch App Sign Up Bonus ₹50
TestBook Course Flat 30% Fees
Smytten App 6 Premium Products
  for Free
Dealshare App Free Ration
Sim Sim App ₹100 Free Shopping
Vclip App ₹300 Per Refer
Growfitter App Win Exciting Rewards
Yuva Pay App Up to ₹500 Cashback
Country Delight App ₹400 Per Refer
IRCTC iMudra App ₹100 Per Refer
RozDhan ₹50 Bonus
PayTM First Games ₹50 Bonus
TimesPoints Website 100 Points Bonus
Qureka Pro App ₹1000 Referral Offer
Pay Box Rs.50 Signup Bonus
Ludo Supreme Gold App ₹100 Bonus

Why do companies offer their app with refer and earn program?

Customer acquisition cost is very high for companies. High advertising costs, marketing expenses, and promotion expenses eat up the profit margins of the company. With refer and earn program for their app it is easier to acquire customers, increase their customers without sacrificing their profit margins. Refer and Earn program can be termed as Affiliate program as well where the Affiliates with huge traffic are willing to refer the products of the companies as in return, they get good commission per sale or signup. It is a mutually beneficial program and a win-win situation for both the company as well as the referral or affiliates.

Benefits of offering an app with refer and earn program:

  • Best way to test the market
  • Lowest customer acquisition cost
  • Increased profit margins
  • Increase customer base
  • Easy record of customers’ details like contact number, emails, etc
  • Brand awareness
  • Easy review collection database

app refer and earn

Why should you participate in apps with refer and earn program?

If by inviting your near ones, you could help them and yourself to earn extra rewards, discounts, offers or cashback then why not? Earning in cash or in-kind is perfectly justified and legitimate. It is not illegal to earn by referring. Besides you help your acquaintances to get extra benefits even when you refer them. It is again a mutually beneficial program between the referral and the referee.

Benefits of using the app with referring and earn program:

  • Earn cashback, money, rewards, discounts
  • Help your referee to get extra benefit in cash or in-kind
  • Once you have utilized the app and availed of your offer, you are not obliged to keep the app.
  • Gives you the experience of new technology and offerings
  • Doorstep services
  • Sometimes lifetime earnings


After India announced 30% taxation on Cryptocurrency trading profits or losses, the Crypto exchanges have started offering apps with refer and earn programs. These are offering upto 50% of brokerage to the referrer which is huge since there has been a 150% increase in crypto user base in India.

If you have in any way benefitted from the app download or refer and earn options do let us know in the comments!

Let us help you multiply money! Subscribe us 😊




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