Health is wealth so invest in your health now

“Hi Sir, I will not be able to work today, as I am severely sick” goes the message from you to your boss. Wasting your precious leave due to health issues is just not acceptable. At least the salaried employees have the leverage to take paid sick leaves but what about a small businessman, or daily wage earners, it is a complete loss of pay for them. Thus, investing in your health right from the beginning is important. After all, health is wealth, so better preserve it.

Health is wealth – How and Why?

If wealth could get you health, then the very proverb health is wealth would have changed to wealth is health. Though in today’s world people believe that health has become a luxury, very expensive to maintain though. However, a healthy person can work hard to become wealthy but a wealthy person may not always be able to restore his health. Taking care of your health is in your hands. So why not invest right now in your health to avoid any health issues in the long run. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A healthy body will go a long way in creating wealth using health to its advantage.  Health if maintained will fetch your wealth in various ways. It’s a myth that only the wealthy have the right to be healthy. Money cannot purchase health for anyone. Health has to be maintained by one through disciplined behavior, listening to your body, and finding time for yourself. Treasure your health before it is too late.


How to maintain health without wealth?

A wealthy has various options to choose from while maintaining health but what about a person with lesser money? Health is not a property accessible only to the wealthy, it’s a disciplinary behavior that consumes one’s time and energy to maintain it at its peak. Thus when one is in his teenage then his health is at its peak, while in the mid-age, health starts deteriorating, in old age, health deterioration is at its peak. Below are some interesting ways to maintain your health in good condition at the lowest possible cost:

  1. Eat home-cooked food – Zomato and Swiggy have made us addicted to food ordering habits. In turn, we spend huge on each order delivered even after considering the attractive discounts of 60% and above. Consuming unwanted calories while indulging in delicious food. To start the journey towards a healthy body, outside food consumption should be reduced to a great extent. Home-cooked food consisting of leafy vegetables with fibers and less oil should be preferred on daily basis. This will help your body to get the right nutrients required. Freshly cooked food is far better than food delivered to you with preservatives to extend the shelf life. Try home food rather than out-of-home food to save huge.
  2. Say no to alcohol, drugs, and smoking – Your habits are reflected in your health condition. Smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming drugs of any sort is deemed to adversely impact your health. All these addictions are damn costly. What’s the use of paying through nose to wreck your health? Why pay to deteriorate your health? Better say no, than regret.
  3. Exercise without Gym – Gym charges you for helping you get fit and healthy. Were people unhealthy when there were no gyms? It is just a matter of taking out time for yourself to exercise regularly. Choose any form of exercise be it running, jogging, dancing, swimming, cycling, or skipping, all will help you get healthy. Half an hour to 1-hour of exercise will work wonders for your health. Why pay someone to get healthy? Do it yourself, to experience a change.
  4. Go Green – Want to go to the market to buy groceries or vegetables? Try walking or taking a bicycle. Hopping on a bike or car every time even for small distance travel should be avoided. Rather prefer walking or cycling to get your work done while exercising at the same time. It’s a win-win situation, save time, exercise, and get the work done. Saving on fuel cost is the by-product that you get.
  5. Invest your time in Yoga – Meditation in any form will help you relax. Stress, the enemy of health vanishes. Take out time to engage in Yoga and calm yourself. Get energized and imbibe positive vibes. A relaxed mind results in a relaxed body which in turn reflects in a healthy body.
  6. Buy health insurance – Health issues may knock on your doors without any prior intimation. Get good health insurance coverage for yourself as well as for your family. It should cover pre- post hospitalization charges, health checkup expenses, disease treatment expenses, covid coverage, and lots more. Paying health insurance premiums is far better than paying huge treatment expenses.

Above are cost-effective ways of maintaining health in good condition. These will rather help you save huge and invest more on your health. As rightly said health is wealth and you should treasure it. Those who take care of their health are rewarded in the long run. While those who ignore their health have to pay the price later.

health is wealth
health is wealth

Why is health not prioritized compared to wealth today?

In today’s fast-changing world, people hardly have time left for conversations. Creating wealth is always first priority, health takes a back seat. Blame it on modern lifestyle or materialistic world, minting money and wealth is the focus of everyone. Below are the reasons why health has taken a back seat?

  • Busy lifestyle – No one has time to halt. It’s a busy demanding world. A busy lifestyle makes it difficult to think about yourself, especially your health. Earning income takes the front seat. It is obvious to neglect a healthy lifestyle and ignore health.
  • Work-life imbalance – Working professionals are juggling between work and personal life. Striking a balance is difficult and impossible if you have kids. Health is thus ignored. One may focus on their health only when they start facing health issues.
  • Covid situation – Covid has created health havoc across the globe. The health conditions of people have deteriorated across the world. With new variants on their way, covid is here to stay unless medical science finds a sure-shot way to deal with it.
  • Accessible options – Modern age, with innovative technology has opened up room for accessible options. Like food getting delivered at your doorstep at a click, speedy vehicles, and lots more to make life easier. It has compromised the health conditions in return.
  • Junk and readymade food – Eat on the way is the new buzz. People do not want to waste time in preparing or eating food, rather they prefer grabbing readymade food while working on the way. This helps them to save time, but what’s the point of earning when you do not have enough time to even eat your food? After all, you are earning to get food. Eating junk food, readymade food with preservatives impacts health miserably.
  • Social and virtual world – Virtual world and social media including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram is a daily dose of entertainment for most. Speeding time on social media, which is a virtual world leaves you with no time for yourself. Health is of least importance but checking out the Facebook or Whatsapp status of your friend becomes the priority.
  • Stress – Stress is the byproduct of this busy lifestyle. Depression, stress are outcomes of ignoring mental health. Physical health is still focused on, but mental health is completely ignored. If mental health deteriorates, it affects the whole health of the person.

Relationship between health and wealth?

A healthy body results in a healthy mind. A healthy mind results in working hard using energy as well as brains to earn money. Good health ultimately results in huge wealth. The journey from health to wealth is not easy as maintaining health in great condition is a mandate throughout the journey. Disciplined behavior is required to bridge the gap between the two. Investing in Health as SIP would give you guaranteed good returns in the form of wealth.

health is wealth
health is wealth

Benefits of investing in health?

Health is all the wealth you have. Everyone wants to eat healthily, be fit, and feel healthy. Wealth without health is useless. You need to be healthy to enjoy the wealth. Invest your time and money in health and you will get twice the returns. Let us discuss the benefits of investing in health.

  • Active – Healthy person is active and is full of energy. He is open to taking up any task and doing it with energy. This further helps his body to maintain the health equilibrium.
  • Create wealth – If you are healthy, you can find many ways to mint money. Not only through earning money, but saving money will also help you create wealth. As every penny saved is the penny earned.
  • Longer life expectancy – Health issues have taken a toll on many people. Many have died because of health issues like heart attack, covid, rather than natural death. The more is your focus on being healthy, the better are the chances of longer life expectancy.
  • Save on medical expenses – Being healthy, helps you save huge on medical expenses in a longer duration. So, invest a little in your health now to save huge in the future.
  • Independent – When you are healthy, you are not dependent upon anyone for your daily basic needs. With health issues, you are bound to depend upon others for your daily needs which snatches your physical independence.


India’s 1st ABDM integrated Health Locker was launched on 6th August 2021. The users can create their accounts and upload all their medical documents. This acts as a health database for their records to store manage historical health-related records with ease.

Do you agree that health is wealth?

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