Financial update for 24 Jan 2022

Let us quickly know-how will be this day and plan for the next day. Know the latest financial update for 24 Jan 2022 and let us predict Jan 25, 2022.

Stock Market Financial update for 24, Jan 2022

Indian Market Trend for 24th Jan 2022

The market was extremely bearish today with SENSEX at 57491 while NIFTY remains below 17149.

SENSEX –Down by 1546 points, 2.62% decrease

NIFTY – Down by 468 points, 2.66 % decrease

financial update for 24 jan 2022
financial update for 24 Jan 2022

Sectoral Indices Trend for 24, Jan 2022

Today NIFTY REALTY – The real estate was dragged to the greatest extent down by 5.95%. followed by NIFTY METAL, and NIFTY MEDIA.

Top Gainers for today

There were only 2 companies with very meager gains today, the rest all were in deep red owning to the Market crash.

Top Gainers

Symbol Company Name Open High Low Prev. Close LTP % Change
CIPLA Cipla Limited 871.5 895 867.45 867.45 892.3 2.86
ONGC Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited 165.2 168.3 163.75 163.65 165 0.82

Top Losers for today

Symbol Company Name Open High Low Prev. Close LTP % Change
JSWSTEEL JSW Steel Limited 656.5 657 618 666.25 620.15 -6.92
BAJFINANCE Bajaj Finance Limited 7350 7350 6817.7 7373.75 6904.75 -6.36
TATASTEEL Tata Steel Limited 1160 1163.65 1090 1169.7 1100.5 -5.92
GRASIM Grasim Industries Limited 1791.8 1791.8 1684 1792.1 1688 -5.81
HINDALCO Hindalco Industries Limited 498.95 500.5 475.5 506.7 477.5 -5.76
TECHM Tech Mahindra Limited 1588 1588 1501.95 1593.55 1505.3 -5.54
WIPRO Wipro Limited 605.5 605.5 568.45 605.05 572 -5.46
TITAN Titan Company Limited 2520 2522.55 2376 2528.15 2403 -4.95
TATACONSUM TATA CONSUMER PRODUCTS LIMITED 725 725 688.5 726.55 691.55 -4.82
TATAMOTORS Tata Motors Limited 499.7 504.3 473.35 501.85 477.65 -4.82

Cryptocurrency Financial update 24, Jan 2022

Cardano was up by 7.61% ($1.47). Rest all cryptos increased slightly today. The crypto market is suffering from the huge crash, however has seen a ray of hope today. Bitcoin is currently trading at $35,393.

Top Financial news update for 24, Jan 2022

  • Swiggy raises $700M and is now bigger than Zomato valued at $10Billion
  • Tata group will take over Air India by the end of this week. Air India has been sold to the Tata group for Rs 18,000 crore. The government took this decision keeping in mind the losses and the restructuring required.

Stocks to trade Financial update for 25, Jan 2022

Let us give you some quick stock trades for tomorrow as recommended by various stock broking companies or financial advisors basis their analysis.

  • Cinevista
  • Nitiraj Engineers

Finance Concept for Today:

What does Monetization mean?

The word monetization means earning income or revenue from a valuable asset. It is the most commonly used financial term incorporated and financial service industries. The world revolves around making money. The process of creating money be it in cash form is called the monetization process.

Example – You own a car. Since it’s pandemic and it’s no longer safe to travel anywhere, your car is standing still without usage. Now if you want you can monetize your stranded car by giving it to a company that deals in-home delivery business. In this way, your car will fetch your money. The whole process of making money from your stranded car will be called monetization. In other words, you get money for renting your car to someone while someone else is able to earn revenue by utilizing the car lent out to him. It is a win-win situation for both.

Another example is monetizing your skill sets to earn money. When a company hires you for your education, skill sets, and the value you will bring to the company. Then you are monetizing your skill sets. In this case, your skills, are helping you to earn money by lending it to a company.

Financial tip for today

Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy. The market crash is a significant hint to buy quality stocks if they have dipped making new lows. Grab quality stocks at the highest dip possible to multiply your money later.

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stock market training
stock market training

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