Time is money essay holds secrets of becoming rich

You cannot hold, pause or fast-forward the time you are living in. If Time is married to Money, the bond is sure to make you rich in the future. Time waits for none while money stays with none. Money is sure to grow with time where compounding acts as a catalyst and aids in money’s growth exponentially. Let us reveal the secrets of becoming rich as we proceed to write the Time is money essay.

Time is Money essay still relevant today?

Yes of course, when money is invested at right time at the right place it is bound to grow. Am sure you will argue that identifying what is the right time and right place is tricky and risky. Well growing money definitely comes with inherent risk. Time helps the money invested to grow, assuming the prices in the future will always be higher than the prices today, taking historical data trends as validation proof.

In recent times, advertisers pay per second for their ads on various advertising platforms. The price ranges from thousands to crores per second. Making it clear that time is too costly, as every second counts.

time is money

Value Time

You have one life to make it big. There is no reverse gear to bring back the time which has gone. Value your time, ignoring it will only result in wasting time. Time is priceless so you should give it its due importance. During your lifetime with moving time, you witness happy times, sad times, exciting times, and alone time. Time keeps changing, it is never constant. With changing time, money’s value keeps changing.

How to become rich using Time is money concept?

It is possible to become rich at an early age, mid-age, or even at old age but you cannot bring back the lost time with any amount of money. Let us discuss various concepts that overlap with this concept.

This concept is used when you want to know the real purchasing power of future income. The sum of money that you have today has more purchasing power than in the future. There are many contributors to this theory, one of the assumptions is inflation. Thus, the amount you have today can be invested and it has the ability to generate returns.

  • Opportunity cost

Another concept is opportunity cost. The money can always be put to one use or another. If it is lying idle then there is an opportunity cost as the same amount of money if invested somewhere would have earned returns. In fact, the returns generated can also be reinvested to earn more returns.

  • Compounding Effect

The last concept is about the compounding effect. Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world. The compounding effect plays a role when money is invested for a very long period of time and the returns are reinvested year after year. There is a compounding effect that plays a role.

To become rich use of all the above-mentioned concepts will come into play. It might be confusing but in a literal sense, building wealth requires patience, determination, and of course hard work to earn money.

Below is the to-do list to become rich:

1. Save more to invest today

Start saving from day 1, as every penny saved is every penny earned. Savings are a critical aspect of your investing journey. As every drop of water makes an ocean, similarly your little savings when invested early will grow your wealth with time.

2. Stay invested for long

The market will rise and fall but you are supposed to sit tight with your investment. Compounding return is the reward only for those who have the patience to stay invested ignoring the fluctuations that the market is exposed to. Higher returns are only for a few who stay invested for a longer time period.

3. Create a passive income source

The more the merrier stands true for income sources. Create as many passive sources of income as possible. Income sources like rental income, dividends, pensions, etc. Any income source is going to add to your investment thus increasing your overall wealth in the long run.

4. Try lump sum investment instead of SIPs

That’s true that you cannot time the stock market but still lump sum investment can give you that extra returns. SIPs get deducted every month on a particular date irrespective of market fluctuations. Possibly if most of the time the market is bullish when your SIP is transacted, then you lose the opportunity to take advantage of the extra return that could be earned if it was transacted on a bearish day. Lump-sum investment should also take place on the extremely bearish days to add that extra return to your investment kitty..

5. Diversified portfolio

Invest 70% of your savings in equity-based mutual funds. 20 % as liquid cash and 10% in quality stocks every month. As you age, slowly reduce 70% to 40% and the extra 30% should be invested in debt-based mutual funds. This will help in the diversification of your investment portfolio in a way that mitigates risks at all levels.

Below is the getting rich strategy explained through example in detail:

Example – If you invest Rs 100,000 (Rs 1 lakh) today in any mutual fund assuming you have no knowledge about it and it turned out to be the worst-performing fund in terms of the return %. Even then assuming a rate of return of 11% (whereas the best one’s return % ranges from 16% to 22%) if the investment remains for 30 years the total final maturity amount will be Rs 23,00,000 (Rs 23 lakhs). Thus, Time is money essay surely holds value even today.

time is money

Time is money quote

Let us also go through some of the famous quotes to give you a taste of the time money concept.

  • If you cannot respect time, it is difficult to buy some even with money.
  • Time is money, do not waste it.
  • Money is time, so use it cautiously.
  • Time and money wait for none.
  • Time once lost, is lost forever, while money once lost can be found after.
  • Time is priceless, while money is worth it.

Finally, live in present, plan your future, and do not regret the past. Hope the time is money essay has unfolded the secrets of becoming rich and you are ready to be one.


Warren Buffet was known for taking advantage of the time money concept creating a net worth of 11,740 crores USD as of 2022.

Did Time is money essay prove useful for you?

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