What is easy to get into a scam?

Ever thought about what is easy to get into if you wanted a luxurious life? Free from debt, free from slogging to earn every penny, free from a competitive world. Life is what you make out of it. Finances in the form of money determine your social status and power to purchase, also discreetly your bargaining power but how do you get income to manage in the first place?. So, the question is what is easy to get into to earn more money in order to achieve financial freedom?

Life is a vicious circle. Get straight, no one is bothered about your ambitions unless you are serious about them. Survival of the fittest does not apply only to the animal kingdom but to humans as well. We might have evolved but the unquenched thirst for power, authority, and greed is not suppressed. Be careful when someone tells you that this easy work can earn you a monthly income. You may also have many websites telling you to work for 2 to 3 hours to earn $2K-$3K every day. Well, all these are scams and what is easy to get into is usually deceptive.


What is easy to get into scams?

Scams are so beautifully executed, that you would be scammed without even knowing about it. You will realize it only when it is over, to leave you with despair. Online scams, offline scams, job scams are so popular to name some. So, what is easy to get into maybe a scam, so be careful before you invest your time, energy, and money into it. Let us know what are the popular job scams where 90% of the people are cheated.

  1. Typing jobs

The most popular scam is typing job where the employer promises you to pay for writing 1000 or more words per hour. You write the perfect article, put in your time and energy to make sure there are no grammatical errors. Finally, you find yourself in soup, when your work is rejected for reasons of errors, mistakes, and no payment at all. Their target is usually less educated, innocent people who want to earn money desperately. They look very genuine, with established websites, HRs to coordinate with you, they even interview you to get selected for the job and finally scam you.

  1. Cold calling Jobs

They name it Business development, Advisor, or Sales Executive jobs. The job profile consists of cold calling every day to list people to promote their products or services. It is lead generation through black hat techniques. The ultimate purpose is to sell the products or services as much as possible. The worst part is that your salary comprises of variable component, nothing is fixed. You get paid a percentage of your sale. Well sounds like a typical sales job, yet the difference here is that in other companies, though it is a target-based job, still the remuneration is high and guaranteed. Here even though you end up getting a sale, you will not get anything because it is a scam. These companies are usually shell companies aimed at taking advantage of people.

  1. Earn by paid reviews

Another popular scam is where you are guaranteed rewards or payments in return for completing the surveys. Sounds so good to be true right. Yes, while only 10% of such jobs are genuine, while rest are all scams. They tend to attract you by giving an initial token of $2 or $10 but the catch is that you cannot withdraw the amount unless it reaches a specified threshold. You spend a good amount of time, answering their surveys, and when the time actually comes to withdraw your money, your account is blocked.

  1. Earn by answering questions

I will not name the websites but there are many where you may register as a subject expert and start answering the student’s questions. You may also help them with their homework. The websites or apps approve you as a tutor after you have passed their exams or tests. Now you are happy solving questions, so many questions each day. So they pay you only if your answer is not rated negatively by the student. Apart from that, you cannot withdraw your earnings, unless it reaches the specified threshold. You dedicatedly go on with the job, and when the time comes to withdraw your hard-earned money, you are shocked to find your account banned due to a violation of their rules or as they call it honor code. You end up wasting your energy and time to earn absolutely nothing.

  1. Earn points by uploading bills

Another one is where your personal data is hacked. These apps tell you to upload your utility bills, food bills, shopping bills in order to get reward points. The same reward points can be used on the app to buy food, or shop where every point is equal to 1 currency. Sounds amazing right, just uploaded the bills to earn points. This easy-go thing takes away a lot from you. Your personal data, from your card number to your address, your shopping preferences everything is captured by the app. Then they sell your data to get richer. Data is in huge demand especially to know the buying habits, card details, etc.

  1. Earn money by playing games

This is advertised as earning while you have fun playing games. If this was true the riches would be gamers and not CEOs of e-commerce platforms. This is not that bad for a gamer, as he enters the platform to have fun, earning money is secondary for him. If you have entered with the aim of earning money while gaming, then think again. No one pays you for gaming, it is just a scam to make you a gaming addict and then keep giving you some points which are good for nothing. That’s how they scam you.

I know many of you have earned some money either through games or by answering questions on some educational websites. If 10% of them are genuine, 90% are scammers. It is very difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. So better stay away from them in order to save your time, energy, and money. They are not worth your efforts; you are worth much more than you think. I know earning money is very important, and your whole life depends on it but do not let anyone take advantage of your urgent need. As said before what is easy to get into might be deceptive so be careful and safe.

what is easy to get into
what is easy to get into


As per a survey, around 86% of people are scammed every year and if the scammers were to honor their work, the value would be above $1B USD.

Have you thought what is easy to get into can be deceptive?

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