How to download financials from ROC Filing?

Let’s discuss Sources to extract online Financial Information from the ROC filing for Financial Statement Analysis: –

Remember your “Report Card Day “, & how it used to send chills sent down your spine. How important it was because your beloved teacher would be educating your parents about your overall performance in your studies. List down the focus areas to improve your skillsets & ensure you score good marks for the next term,  and so on!

Similarly, Financial Statements are just like a Report Card of a Company. It is issued Quarterly – to give an overview of Quarterly performance as well as Annually -to reflect upon the yearly performance of the Company.

As in school, we have principals & teachers to determine laws, and rules for us to follow in schools. Likewise in the Corporate world, we have Government bodies who determine the framework, rules & set laws for these corporates to follow. It also mandates the filing of all the financial & regulatory reports for all the companies. In India, the ROC (Registrar of Companies Affairs) is the Government body where all these ROC financial filings take place. However, some companies mostly Public limited companies may publish their quarterly & annual reports on their websites or even on stock exchanges (NSE/BSE). However it’s not a mandate for Private limited companies to publish their annual reports publicly, rather they can choose to file them only in the ROC (Registrar of Companies Affairs). In the US the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the only place for mandate fillings.

How to download financials from ROC (Registrar of Companies)  filing or Ministry Of Corporate Affairs:-

As told before, you may be able to find financial statements of Public Limited Companies on their own websites or stock exchanges (NSE/BSE). But Private Limited company’s financial statements may not be publicly available, thus in such cases, the only resource to extract genuine information will be ROC filing. Where they charge Rs 100/- for one set of financials for any company. Follow the below steps to extract the online financial information (financials/documents) required from the ROC filing.

ROC filing
ROC filing

Link To ROC

Below is the link to the ROC  filing website. In the Company / LLP Name- mention the name of the company and hit the search button


Basic Information Check

A screenshot will appear with Company’s name, incorporation date, authorized capital, paid-up Capital, and date of balance sheet & company status. If the Company status is active and the latest dated balance sheet – 31st March 2019 is filed, only then you must register yourself on the website and pay Rs 100/ to get the financials.

ROC filing
ROC filing

Company details in ROC

Once you are able to pull the financials from ROC- you may start your financial analysis, as from the ROC filing website you will be able to download the latest filed Balance sheet, P&L statement & Cash flow statement to help you with your analysis.

There are other sources as well to help you with your analysis, just Google financial information from below sources:-

  1. Screener Website

This site is well known for viewing the financials of Public Limited companies. Historical data along with trends are readily available.

See Financial Statements

       2. NSE/BSE Website

This is a government website that helps you to view the financials of public limited companies.

See Financial Statements

    3. Credit Ratings from Credit Rating agencies like CRISIL, MOODY, ICRA

It gives you in-depth details of any company’s financial strengths. in-depth analysis and weaknesses. It’s more of a SWOT analysis done on the Company and rating it based on its own metrics.

See Financial Statements

Let me know what is your reliable source to Google financial information of any company?

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