How to get 72 hours in Days from now?

Want to get 72 hours in days? We know there are only 24 hours in a day but we will tell you how to get 72 hours in days from now onwards. No, we are not joking, and neither are we here to fool you around. Don’t you find it difficult to run your daily chores in 24 hours, and wish you could get 1 hour more every day? Why crave for only 1 hour when we are here to give you 48 hours or 2 days more every single day. Let us read how to make 72 hours in days possible?

Calculate 72 hours in days?

Before we proceed with the steps of helping you get your additional 48 hours or 2 days, let us first help you calculate 72 hours in days with the help of the below calculator. This calculator helps convert hours to days with a single click. You do not need to calculate it manually, just input the hours and click convert to view the hours in days. It is an easy user-friendly tool to convert hours to days online.

Similarly, if you want to convert 1000 hours in days just input 1000 in the hour’s column and click on convert.

Hours to Days Converter

How to get 72 hours in days?

We all know that time is money and getting extra hours in a day is like getting extra hours to relax, spend quality time with your family, friends, or dear ones, or mint more money. You have one life to make it big. There is no reverse gear to bring back the time which has gone. Time is priceless so you should give it its due importance. During one’s lifetime one witnesses different phases of time be it a happy time, sad time, exciting time, or alone time. Time keeps changing, it is never constant.

Yes, it’s true that you have 24 hours in a day at your disposal but you can convert it to 72 hours in days. The big question is how? Well, below are the steps used to increase 24 hours to 72 hours in a day, every day.

  1. Make a to-do list for 72 hours on days

Start listing down all that you could do provided you get additional 48 hours every day. Go on and fill your bucket list with all the unfulfilled wishes.

  1. Reduce distractions

You wake up early morning and the first thing you do is look at your mobile phone. You eat your breakfast in a hurry and after reaching the office or opening your laptop, you keep scrolling through social media updates. Detoxify yourself, rest, and avoid all the distractions. This is the 1st step towards getting your 72 hours in days.

  1. Meditate for 5 minutes

When you wake up instead of mobile, take out only 5 minutes to close your eyes, vision your dream with luxuries around you, and feel relaxed. Meditation here means being grateful to God for a new day and asking him to turn your dreams into reality. This will help increase your concentration power by 10 times.

  1. Concentrate on your work

 If you are an entrepreneur or an employee, take your checklist for the day, start working on it one by one, and complete as much as possible with the continuous sitting of 2 hours without any breaks. Keep your mobile aside, no social media, no messages or WhatsApp. Take 5 minutes to walk or stretch yourself and start working again continuously. It would take you another 4-5 hours with a break of 5 minutes every 2 hours. Your work would end by sharp 7 hours instead of 9 or 10 hours. Take the leisure of interacting with social media during your lunch hours only.

  1. Use extra 2 office hours

 When you wind up your office work by 7 hours, you are left with extra 2 hours. Take those extra 2 hours to finish your personal chores like paying utility bills, ordering food or grocery from apps, taking care of your investments, credit card payments, etc. which can be transacted online. Spend only half an hour to the maximum in commuting to and from the office if required.

  1. Switch from office to house mode

Once you are done with completing 9 or 10 hours of office shift, close the office chapter and move to home sweet home. Help your partner with household chores like cooking, and getting things ready for tomorrow. Helping your children with their homework. Spending 1 hour talking with each other, spending quality time, playing indoors or outdoors. You are still left with additional 2 hours to do whatever you want from your to-do list of yours. Have dinner on time, watch tv or YouTube only for half an hour and then go off to sleep.

  1. You require only 7 hours of sleep

Do not oversleep. Even if you are tired oversleeping will not help you get rid of the tiredness. Sleep only for 7 hours and spend additional hours if you have on exercising. This will help your body to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Now you know how simple it is to have 72 hours in days instead of 24 hours by simple adjustments and concentration. Being in a monotonous routine for years tends to make you believe that the to-do list is not possible given 24 hours a day. If you concentrate and finish all the daily chores on time, you will be left with ample time to start with your to-do list. The key here is to avoid distractions of all sort and avoid wasting time on unnecessary things which adds no value to your life. It is all about discipline, and human behavior can easily be tamed to follow the discipline once set.

72 hours in days

Time management is the key to becoming rich?

You cannot hold, pause or fast-forward the time you are living in. If Time is married to Money, the bond is sure to get strong in the future. Time waits for none while money stays with none. Extra hours if used productively can help you grow your wealth. Use the extra hours at your disposal to create passive sources of income through blogging, stock market trading, teaching, or monetizing your skills. Every amount of money counts.


Japan initiated a 4-day workweek by replacing a 5-day workweek to improve the work-life balance of the employees. This has resulted in increased productivity and efficiency by 40%.

Now, are you able to get 72 hours in the day?






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