Money can’t buy happiness

Is Money that magic wand that can buy you almost everything in this world? The answer is that Money can’t buy happiness for you. Money is just a means to live your life however it is not your life. With money comfort and materialistic things, the status quo comes in handy. Think again, if these things bought with money can really bring you happiness, mental peace, or true friendships. We have made money as a yardstick to measure our happiness levels, the more the merrier. The harsh fact is money is ruling our lives and we have become slaves.

For example – planning a luxurious vacation to the Maldives to spend quality time with your family is equal to taking your family for a picnic in a nearby park full of greenery or to a beach.  As the end result is to spend quality time with your family be it in a luxurious resort abroad or in a nearby park. Infact in the former case only those family members may come onboard who are financially sound, while in the latter case, all of your family members will be onboard as there are no entry fees. You may argue that in the former case, your family gets to eat exotic food, see exotic locations, and go for adventure rides, but even in the latter case you will enjoy as everyone will make help prepare food together, enjoy the greenery, play adventurous sports. It’s the way you look at life, and money has made us look through its lens where one with more money seems happier than the other. It’s just a lens, remove the money lens and introspect you will realize the truth. Hence Money can’t buy happiness.

You get up and go to a job every day or go running your business because you need money to stick to your daily habits. How much of money is enough for someone? Well, the sky is the limit. Think if money can’t fix everything then why do we value it so much?

Are you obsessed with money?

If you are constantly thinking of earning money, then there are chances that you are obsessed with money. Signs of an obsession of money are listed below:

  • You live in the future rather than in present.
  • Your mind is always partly occupied with thoughts of how to earn or save money.
  • You are a miser and think many times before parting with money
  • You value money more than your relationships
  • You feel proud of earning higher than others, and it’s difficult for you to maintain good relations with those earning higher than you
  • You continue to do a job or business because you do not want to leave the source of money even though it might be hampering your mental peace or health to a great extent.
  • You have overcommitted your financial obligations as compared to your income

If you find more than 50% of the above signs of obsession then there are chances that you are having money obsession disorder. Earlier when it was a man-dominated world, 70% of money minded men used to suffer from this disorder. In modern times, money minded women are dealing with the signs of obsession.

It is true that an obsession with money can lead to negative consequences. While money is a useful tool and can provide access to resources and opportunities, an obsession with it can cause people to prioritize acquiring wealth above all else, leading them to make choices that may not be in their best interests or the interests of others. This obsession can also lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction, as people may constantly feel that they need more money to be happy or successful. In addition, an obsession with money can lead to unethical or illegal behavior, such as engaging in fraudulent or deceptive practices in order to acquire wealth. It is important for individuals to recognize the limitations of money and to find balance in their pursuit of financial security and well-being.

Things money can’t buy?

As told you earlier Money can’t buy happiness. Below is the list of things that money can’t buy.

  1. Love: Money cannot buy genuine love or affection from others.
  2. Friendship: Money cannot buy true friendship or loyalty.
  3. Respect: Money cannot buy respect from others. Respect must be earned through one’s actions and character.
  4. Happiness: Money can certainly bring temporary happiness, but it cannot guarantee long-term happiness or fulfillment.
  5. Health: While money can buy access to medical treatment, it cannot guarantee good health.
  6. Inner peace: Money cannot bring inner peace or resolve personal issues or conflicts.
  7. A good reputation: Money cannot buy a good reputation; it must be earned through one’s actions and behavior.
  8. Self-esteem: Money cannot buy self-esteem or confidence. These qualities must be developed within oneself.
  9. Time: Money cannot buy more time or bring back lost time.
  10. Morality: Money cannot buy morality or a sense of right and wrong. These values must be developed through personal beliefs and experiences.

money cant buy happiness

Money is a good means to help you in your life

Though Money can’t buy happiness yet it is a good means to solve the below-listed problems in your life.

  1. Financial insecurity: Money can help to provide financial stability and security, allowing people to pay for their basic needs such as housing, food, and healthcare.
  2. Access to education: Money can be used to pay for education, which can provide access to new opportunities and improve long-term prospects.
  3. Medical treatment: Money can be used to pay for medical treatment, which can improve health and quality of life.
  4. Transportation: Money can be used to buy or maintain a reliable mode of transportation, which can increase access to job opportunities and other necessities.
  5. Home repairs: Money can be used to pay for home repairs, which can help to maintain the safety and comfort of a home.
  6. Legal assistance: Money can be used to pay for legal assistance, which can help to resolve legal issues and protect rights.
  7. Debt repayment: Money can be used to pay off debt, which can improve financial stability and reduce stress.
  8. Travel: Money can be used to pay for travel, which can provide opportunities for relaxation, personal growth, and cultural enrichment.
  9. Investment: Money can be used to make investments, which can potentially generate additional income and grow wealth over time.
  10. Luxuries: Money can be used to purchase luxuries such as high-end clothing, expensive meals, and luxury goods, which can bring enjoyment and improve quality of life.

Is it worth to run after money?

There are often sacrifices and hardships that people make in order to earn money. Though  Money can’t buy happiness it can mend some things. Below is the list of sacrifices made in order to earn money for you to decide whether is it worth it or not.

  1. Time: Earning money often requires putting in long hours of work, which can take time away from other activities such as spending time with family and friends, pursuing hobbies and interests, or getting enough rest and relaxation.
  2. Personal health: Working long hours or in physically demanding or stressful conditions can take a toll on an individual’s physical and mental health.
  3. Relationships: The time and energy spent on work can also have an impact on personal relationships, as people may have less time and energy to devote to their loved ones.
  4. Flexibility: Some jobs may require people to work irregular hours or be on call, which can make it difficult to plan or participate in other activities.
  5. Personal fulfillment: Some people may find that their job or the pursuit of money does not provide the personal fulfillment or sense of purpose that they are seeking.

It is important for individuals to consider the potential sacrifices that may be involved in earning money and to find a balance between their financial well-being and other aspects of their lives that are important to them.

5 things money can’t mend or money can’t buy happiness for:

There are many things that money can’t mend, however below are 5 topmost lists of things for which you will agree that Money can’t buy happiness or money can’t fix everything.

Here are five things that money cannot mend:

  1. Broken relationships: Money cannot repair damaged or broken personal relationships. It may be able to provide temporary distractions or temporary solutions, but it cannot restore trust, respect, or understanding between people.
  2. Physical injuries: Money cannot heal physical injuries or bring back lost physical abilities. It can provide access to medical treatment and rehabilitation, but it cannot reverse the damage that has been done.
  3. Emotional pain: Money cannot heal emotional pain or trauma. It may be able to provide temporary relief or distractions, but it cannot address the root causes of emotional pain or provide lasting emotional healing.
  4. A broken heart: Money cannot mend a broken heart or repair the emotional damage caused by the loss of a loved one. It may be able to provide some comfort or support, but it cannot replace the love and companionship that has been lost.
  5. A damaged reputation: Money cannot repair a damaged reputation or restore trust and respect that has been lost. It may be able to pay for damage control or public relations efforts, but it cannot change the perceptions or actions of others. Ultimately, a good reputation must be earned through one’s actions and character.

Talking about money it is can give you comforts of all kinds but real happiness, soulmates, and friendships are the true treasure of life.



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