How Digital Media Industry created this new addiction?

Digital Media has made us Addicts

How did we spend our lockdown, apart from fighting with the pandemic? Most of them sailed through the feeling of loneliness by binge-watching web series or TV series. The virtual world has opened rooms to virtual stories with ample choices to suit the taste buds like fantasy, horror, crime, thriller, romance, sci-fi, and comedy. OTT …

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Blackstone’s New Acquisition in 2020

Blackstone's New Acquisition GSCF Acquired to expand Factoring business finmargin

Let’s discuss Blackstone’s new acquisition in 2020. Acquisitions have been a part and parcel of Blackstone’s group. Being the topmost financial service provider, acquiring companies that will help it to expand across the globe and get global visibility is the objective.  Thus in 2020 Blackstone acquired Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. Global Supply Chain Finance …

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Global Impact of Coronavirus

corona virus impact

Unseen, scary, and breathtaking, Coronavirus is no less than a scary disease and at present, the world is haunted by it. The worst part is that we do not know much about it, still in the exploring phase. Corona Virus is trying to swallow the entire world in one shot. COVID-19 the scary virus has …

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